Florida Governor Remains Committed to Safe Reopening

"Ron DeSantis" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The left is working overtime to get the nation into another shutdown.
Having America under a shelter-in-place order worked very well for the Democrats the first time around; it allowed them to make the case for socialism and government handouts while depriving people of upward mobility and self-sufficiency.

Despite the Democrats’ moves to force another shutdown, Republicans aren’t going for it. The right remains committed to a safe and phased reopening; lives and livelihoods are important. Moreover, there are ways to take on COVID-19 without forcing millions of people out of work…again.
Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis reaffirmed his commitment to a safe reopening of the Sunshine State. According to Fox News, this commitment comes in spite of those claiming that Florida should not continue to reopen.

The Phased Reopening for Florida’s Economy

Like many other states across the country, Florida has begin gradually reopening. State residents are getting back to work, able to support many businesses, hence allowing the engagement of the economy. With the phased reopening comes certain precautions such as social distancing, face mask-wearing, etc.

Despite this, there are some folks who believe that Florida ought to shut down again due to certain increases in coronavirus cases. What proponents of shutdowns won’t mention is that an increase in testing will innately create the illusion of more cases, even if cases have actually decreased.
According to Governor DeSantis, farm labor camps and other similar enterprises with select COVID-19-positive individuals are responsible for certain surges in the state. The Florida governor also confirmed that as the reopening continues, protecting “the most vulnerable” will remain as a critical priority.
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