Florida Governor Holds Firm Against Mandatory Mask Enforcement

"Ron DeSantis" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

At this point in 2020, just about everyone has made up their minds when it comes to face masks.
Some Americans love the masks while others loathe them; some people wear masks only at work, while others refuse to don face coverings at all. The mask debate also remains linked to partisanship; it is a known fact that individuals on the left are likelier to favor compulsory mask mandates and punishments for those who don’t comply.

“Doctor with face mask and stethoscope an” (CC BY 2.0) by focusonmore.com

In Florida, Democrat mayors are all-too-happy to pass mask mandates for residents; however, the enforcement of these mandates is tricky, thanks to Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican governor.
As Breitbart News explains, DeSantis recently lengthened a decree that blocks local governments from upholding mask mandates.

No Mask Enforcement in Florida

DeSantis’ order blocking Florida from enforcing mask mandates arrived amid news that no more lockdowns will be happening in the state either. The Florida governor continues to stand by his position asserting that punishing people for noncompliance with social distancing guidelines and the like isn’t the best way forward.

Governor DeSantis’ extended order comes as liberal mayors across Florida claim that mask mandates are necessary to halt reported increases in COVID-19 cases. This particular theory continues to come under fire, especially since states with mask mandates in place are not exempt from new case surges.

What Americans Think of Florida’s Decision

Outlooks on the decision of the Florida governor are largely split. While both Republicans and Democrats alike have donned face masks, there are some clear differences.
GOP supporters are less likely to back mask mandates, hence a more positive outlook towards the Florida governor’s extension of his anti-mask enforcement order. Democrats, on the other hand, continue to heavily criticize Governor DeSantis; since the inception of mask-wearing, Democrats have openly pushed and rallied behind mask mandates.

The leadership of the Florida GOP governor marks a notable contrast from Democrats governing blue states. While DeSantis is largely pushing for his residents to make their own health decisions, places like New York City are issuing local COVID-19 checkpoints.
Differences in perceptions of coronavirus mitigation strategies have greatly deepened divides between Republicans and Democrats over the course of 2020.
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