First Lady Melania Trump Issues Final Address to the Nation

"White House Christmas 2018" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House

As the Trump administration comes to an end, the members of its administration are issuing their final farewells.
Over the weekend, Vice President Mike Pence delivered his last remarks as the nation’s second-in-command before military troops. Tomorrow, on Biden’s Inauguration Day, President Trump will deliver some final statements at Joint Base Andrews before flying to Florida.

“White House Christmas 2018” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House

Yesterday, the nation heard the last address from First Lady Melania Trump. As documented by Breitbart News, the outgoing first lady said farewell to America and wished the nation well.

The Final Address from Melania Trump

In almost-seven-minute-long remarks, Melania Trump described being America’s first lady as “unforgettable” and a “privilege” that she’s held dear. Trump also declared that Americans will be forever in her heart while noting that she and her husband’s time in the White House is coming to an end.
The outgoing first lady paid tribute to military members, military families, struggling mothers, law enforcement officers, and others. Trump also spoke about the “meaningful experiences” she’s had as first lady before discussing COVID-19.

In remarks about coronavirus, Trump acknowledged the hard work of first responders, healthcare workers, and others fighting against the pandemic. The outgoing first lady acknowledged that the work to fight COVID-19 will continue, but also vocalized faith that Americans will make it happen.
Trump finally wrapped up her final address by expressing that “the best of America” will continue to maintain, despite any challenges the nation faces.

Bye-Bye to Be Best

During Trump’s time as first lady, she brought the Be Best initiative into inception. Days ago, Trump announced on social media that this initiative will come to an end; however, she urged Americans to continue focusing on children and the issues impacting the nation’s young people.

Over the past few years, Trump used Be Best as a focus on anti-bullying initiatives. The first lady also spoke out about the issues impacting the country’s youth. It was not uncommon for Trump to deliver various speeches about different ways for Americans of all ages to “be best” and treat one another with kindness.
As the incoming first lady, Jill Biden is expected to take up an initiative of her own. Due to Biden’s background in education, this will likely influence her chosen initiative.
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