First Lady Jill Biden Overeats with Latin American Counterparts

(Social media footage snapshot shows Sleepy Jill squeezing uncomfortable Latin American counterparts during the Summit's family photo)

Sleepy Joe Biden is not alone anymore in his grossly inadequate, drowsy-like disposition.

His otherwise jumpy wife and “caretaker-in-chief,” Jill Biden, practically claimed the ‘Sleepy Jill’ nickname while she was hanging out with the first ladies of Latin American nations and Canada at a Los Angeles summit.

Not Just a Caretaker, But a Presidential Fill-In

Jill Biden has been practically filling in for Joe Biden as president of the United States.

She is the only one from the pair who actually went to Russia-mauled Ukraine, even if for only a couple of hours, and at its least threatened spot.

The first lady recently went on a Latin American trip, once again seemingly doing Sleepy Joe’s job for him.

While much feistier Jill hasn’t exactly exhibited any senility related issues, on Friday, she did become deserving of the Sleepy Jill title with her address to the wives of heads of state from the Organization of American States.

During the summit, Jill herself hosted a special luncheon for the wives of the Latin American leaders and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

(Social media photo shows the Sleepy Bidens together with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness)

Overeating and Falling Asleep

Jill Biden’s “First Ladies of the Americas” luncheon was catered by female chefs from Los Angeles, involving spectacular amounts of food.

Thus, possibly the most exciting part of Sleepy Jill’s address at the event outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall focused precisely on the food.

The First Lady emphasized how there was a lot of “mmmmms”, and the sound in question is the same whether the guests “speak English or Spanish,” as cited by The Daily Mail.

In that, Sleepy Jill actually overlooked the Portuguese-speaking wife of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, even as the two of them actually seemed to be bonding quite well.

Sleepy Joe’s wife then declared she would forgive the other first ladies if they “fell asleep” during her speech, simply because they “all ate so much.”

Her poor attempt at a joke on the matter didn’t exactly fly as it remained unclear why the “overeating” part was practically the most remarkable thing in her address.

During both a musical performance and a family photo, Sleepy Jill actually stood next to Michelle Bolsonaro, the First Lady of Brazil.

This happened even though her right-wing husband said on Thursday he doubted whether Joe Biden actually won the 2020 presidential election.

In another weird moment of Sleepy Jill’s hosting of the first ladies of Latin America and Canada, during the family photo, she declared they should take one photo “for the press,” and then another one “for sisterhood.”

During that second shot, Sleepy Jill actually hugged both Michelle Bolsonaro and Silvana Lopez Moreira, the first lady of Paraguay, whose sister perished last year in the condo collapse in Miami Beach.