First Female Officer Killed in Chicago in Decades – Officers Furious

As per sources, Ella French was the very first Chicago policewoman slain in the line of work after 1988; she was also the first law enforcement officer killed on the job of duty since Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot came into office in 2019.

French, 29, worked for four months as a Chicago law enforcement officer and was a component of the department’s Public Protection Team. According to NBC 5 Chicago, she previously worked as a prison officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s department. First Deputy Chief Eric Carter of the Chicago Police Department characterized French as quite new on the job, but very excited to do the work.

Andrew French, French’s sibling, said his sister always was a principled person and a humanist who chose to help others.

A Strong Testimony of Her Character

Even though no one was looking, French consistently did the right thing. She has always trusted in others and in doing what is right. French’s brother informed the Chicago Tribune that she has always believed in caring for those who are unable to care for themselves.

French stated of his sibling that she was among the cops on the force who felt they wanted reform. She had been the embodiment of a good Samaritan, he added, noting that his mother and sister were great friends who enjoyed traveling regularly, taking three or four trips annually.

French came to her mother’s aid and she was a dependable person. Additional remarks from the deceased police officer’s brother spoke to French’s character and the positive impacts she had in people’s lives, both personally and professionally.

Officer Kenneth Griffin told NBC 5 over the telephone that both he and French begun their careers just a few days apart; furthermore, they had spent years afterward keeping track of each other. He informed NBC 5 that he was stabbed in the field in 2019 and that she was among the first individuals to ensure he was okay.

That was in May of this year. Now, for him to fast forward, witness what has occurred to French, and not be able to pick up the phone to check on her is one of the most painful things in the world.

Chicago Officers Show Their Displeasure to Mayor Lightfoot

As per the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago law enforcement officers changed their stance to show Mayor Lightfoot their backs when she went to the hospital after one cop was slain and another badly injured.

Officer Ella French was fatally shot during a traffic stop shortly after 9 p.m. on Saturday; meanwhile, her male partner was also shot and is in serious condition in the hospital. When Lightfoot got to the hospital, around 30 police officers turned their backs on her, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.