Federal Spending Triggers Conflict Between Republicans

"Rand Paul podium" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Lockdowns and job loss across the nation have bred a high demand for government support in the form of another COVID-19 relief package.
Earlier this week, Congress passed a package that would dole out $600 per American, while giving millions to other nations; folks on both sides of the political aisle slammed this stimulus package, as did President Trump.

“President Trump at the White House Confe” (Public Domain) by The White House

The president has since called for Congress to pull it together and grant $2000 payments to struggling Americans. However, the notion of another stimulus package — as opposed to reopening the economy — is troublesome to certain Republicans, especially those who strongly prioritize fiscal conservativism.
This is why Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is criticizing the federal government’s current spending, reports Breitbart News.

The Warning About Mass Spending from Sen. Paul

Yesterday, the Kentucky senator sat down for an interview on the show Fox & Friends.
While speaking with this group, Paul explained that the latest COVID-19 relief package is “socialist spending” that’s only leading to the ultimate bankruptcy of America. In issuing this warning, the Republican also censured his congressional colleagues who chose to vote for the relief package; Paul stated that GOP members who voted in favor of it are no better than Democrats who also voted accordingly.

Another point brought up by the GOP senator centered around the perils of “wasteful spending.” According to the Kentucky Republican, dumping hundreds of billions of dollars into infrastructure in foreign nations is a bad idea; yet, Congress continues to go down this road anyway.
The senator’s remarks are in keeping with the outlooks of many fiscal conservatives. Since its congressional passing, the COVID-19 relief bill has taken immense heat for the jaw-dropping amounts of funds being poured overseas.

$2000 Stimulus Checks and More

The latest COVID-19 relief package passed by Congress is being slammed for only providing $600 stimulus checks to Americans. President Trump has called for $2000 stimulus checks, something that both Republicans and Democrats have gotten on board with.

Before Sen. Paul wrapped up with Fox & Friends, he stated that electing better politicians into office and primarying the bad ones are the best solutions. Until then, the Republican is warning that issues with wasteful, socialist spending will continue to maintain.
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