FBI Witch Hunt Against Trump Fully Exposed

The Durham Report is now out and it’s way worse than anyone expected. The report from special counsel John Durham shows the Russiagate hoax and the witch hunt against President Trump were all very intentional and very illegal.

It also shows that the FBI started up its Crossfire Hurricane inquest into Trump in 2016 based only on left-wing political pressure. It had zero actual proof or evidence of wrongdoing.

Three Years of Investigations

This has been over three years of investigation, at this point. The proof that the FBI decided to go after Trump based on political pressure shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Yet, this is a big deal. It proves that Trump was right and his accusations against his enemies were correct in the most literal sense.

As Durham’s report says, there was no “actual evidence” of Trump working with Russia, Vladimir Putin, or any enemy of America. Trump’s allies, such as former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, are furious.

Nobody paid for what they did. Half of liberals and the media still haven’t actually apologized for the vicious, treasonous lies they spread against Trump as a candidate and as a sitting president.

Treasonous Persecution

As Durham’s report says, the FBI and Department of Justice allowed Trump to be spied on and investigated without evidence.

Hillary Clinton’s plan to get rid of Trump by spreading lies about Russia was delivered by globalist traitor John Brennan (former head of the CIA) to Obama, VP Biden, disgraceful former AG Loretta Lynch, and former FBI clown James Comey in August of 2016.

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation turned up nothing, despite the left promising they had evidence. People like Congressman Adam Schiff promised they’d personally seen hard evidence of collusion by Trump.

They were lying.

When none of the tactics worked, the media just moved on to COVID as if nothing ever happened, but none of us forgot. We know how serious this is.

The Bottom Line

The witch hunt against Trump surpassed anything even most conservatives and patriots imagined. This is outrageous. These people involved should never be able to show their faces again in public or hold office of any kind.

In fact, they belong behind bars for treason. Read the full Durham Report here.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.