Far Left Democrats Declare War on Biden

President Joe Biden is in dire need of a victory. He’s been trying to get Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to endorse his $3.5 trillion “public infrastructure” bill. Why hasn’t Biden invited liberal legislators to the White House?

Biden’s Inaction is Costing Him

Why not meet with Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the chairwoman of the ultra-liberal caucus that stalled movement on his collaborative infrastructure bill?

Why haven’t there been any late-night phone calls to Bernie Sanders, the Vermont communist who is obviously the shadow president and rejected efforts to cut Biden’s massive spending bill?

We understand why: it’s pointless. The liberal element of his party is impervious to the argument; they are demagogues who have found themselves in control of our country’s capital by a strange turn of events.

There’s a reason why former Democrat Representative Barney Frank chastised Bernie for his lack of compromise, stating, “Bernie Sanders has already been in Congress for three decades with very little to show for it in the way of achievements.”

How did the centrists fall underneath the spell of an ultra-left group that idolizes communist governments like Cuba, despises Israel (the only state in the Middle East which does not pay terrorist organizations to kill their foes), and hopes to bring Europe’s welfare system to a nation that has surpassed those sclerotic countries?

You may credit Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former Congressional African American Caucus Chair James Clyburn for striking a deal with radicals to pick Joe Biden as the 2020 candidate for president while giving Bernie Sanders a seat — rather, a throne – at the table.

Schumer Can Take Some of the Blame, Too

You can credit Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for not daring to offend his party’s progressives, for fear of sparking a primary challenge from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

You can blame our leftist media for helping Biden win and gushing over the “Squad’s” shenanigans, never calling them out on their egregious illiteracy and extreme ideas.

They are hesitant to confront progressives’ proclivity to equate big government collectivism with socialism or dispute their ludicrous claims about the “possession” of Israel.

Our nation is fighting to maintain the ideals that established the United States as the greatest country on earth to prosper, generate jobs, or provide opportunities. We must educate each other of the characteristics that have rendered us successful: self-reliance, independence, hard work, and ambition.

These principles just don’t belong in a progressive government. Biden is expected to “carpet bomb” the nation, attempting to persuade the public to support his Build Back Better plan, which is expected to cost more than $5 trillion and Democrats are unable to pay.

For four main reasons, it will not function. The first is Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting like a lead plumb; he lacks the strength (and energy) of a popular president. Secondly, polls reveal that voters have lost faith in Joe Biden. That is significant.