Fake News Media Caught Spinning Lies Over J6

If there’s one thing the liberal media won’t shut up about, it’s the Jan. 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol!

As they continue to try to prosecute everybody who even took a selfie, the media has been circulating specific videos to make the day look as violent as possible.

Why is the Fake News Doing This Now?

They’re doing this because Tucker Carlson released video footage from the day. The footage shows how police accompanied various protesters inside and how the majority of the day was totally nonviolent.

Though it gets even more twisted. In one of the scenes, the liberal media keeps playing, you can see Rachel Powell wearing a pink hat and a bullhorn.

In the video, it is possible to see that Powell hits several times on the windows of the Capitol with the help of a giant rod. After J6, hundreds of Trump supporters went to jail and some have already been hit with three and five-year sentences.

Mysteriously, Powell was only placed under house arrest and kept her job at the liberal bookstore she worked at. The video also shows a scene in which Powell tells other protesters detailed instructions for how to get straight to the Senate.

Powell is 41 years old and a resident of Pennsylvania. As soon as Powell was identified as a rioter at the Capitol invasion, the FBI issued a search warrant.

The Strange Case of Powell

In early February 2021, Powell turned herself into the FBI. She has received several charges such as breaking into a restricted building, damaging government property, and using a dangerous weapon.

Rachel is currently serving her home sentence in the comfort of her home. There are big doubts in the minds of many about Powell’s case, as many others serve time in harsh conditions and some even in solitary confinement.

The fact is that Powell, it seems, commanded the infiltration of the Capitol complex, as if she mysteriously knew every detail of the government building.

Another Ray Epps

Powell is looking more and more like another Ray Epps. If she wasn’t a paid informant or plant, that would come as a surprise considering her actions and the ensuing lack of punishment.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.