Failed Democratic Cities See Closure of Walmart

In the weeks to come, the two final Walmart locations inside Portland, Oregon’s city limits will close, the retailer has revealed.

Two Walmart Locations Set to Close

The venues at 4200 Southeast 82nd Avenue at the Eastport Plaza and 1123 North Hayden Meadows Drive will both close on March 24th.

Walmart claimed that the reason for the store closures is that economic objectives were not being met. An official spokesman for Walmart stated that the choice to shut down these locations was formed after a thorough examination of their overall results.

They said when attempting to make these challenging decisions, they take into account a wide range of variables, including past and anticipated economic conditions, placement, demography, client needs, and the nearness of other Walmart locations.

They explained that when they finally make a decision to proceed, they place their employees and their transition first, as is the situation in this instance.

According to locals who live close to the closing stores, low-income shoppers will be particularly affected by the shutting down of these two locations.

Amanda Pahl, a local shopper who is a Walmart regular, said for her, Safeway is her preferred choice, but it is basically three times more expensive than Walmart.

She questioned what she was supposed to do because now that she would have to travel further to find a Walmart, she’d spend a lot more money on gas. She concluded by saying that she’d probably just end up shopping at Safeway and paying more.

A Walmart spokesperson said when the store closes, pharmacy employees will collaborate with consumers to hand over their prescriptions to alternative pharmacies.

There will be a transfer option available to all staff members at the two sites to work somewhere else close by.

Beyond the city limits of Portland, there will continue to be upwards of a dozen Walmart shops.

The store shutdowns, which would culminate in the layoffs of roughly 600 workers, follow a statement given by Walmart CEO Doug McMillion in December last year indicating that recent economic success had been hampered by an all-time high retail fraud.

Stealing is a problem. It’s higher than at any time in history, according to McMillon, speaking to CNBC. If Oregon officials don’t deal with the widespread shoplifting, costs will be greater and/or businesses will shut down.

Democratic States Failing

Portland has seen an increase in the number of businesses closing their doors. A clothes retailer, Raind PDX, closed its doors last year, citing primarily the expense of conducting business in the midst of historically high retail theft.

Portland has seen a dramatic increase in crime and homelessness under Democratic leadership. Clearly, the Democratic “soft-on-crime” attitude has not been working out well for the city.