EXPOSED: Soros-Backed Plot To Permanently Silence Conservatives Online

Censorship is illegal in America. We are supposed to have a free press, but globalist billionaires like George Soros and his friends in the Biden regime want full control.

Now, news is coming out about the Disinformation Index (DI), a fake non-profit group that has been working for years to blacklist conservatives and patriots.

The goal of the DI is simple: to marginalize and silence anyone who isn’t on the far left, but the list of those involved in funding it will truly disgust you. It goes much further than just Soros.

What Exactly Does DI Do?

The censorship against patriots and conservatives on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms is already well known.

DI goes a step further because it’s a large, well-funded international non-profit organization that works to get conservative and patriotic news banned and defunded.

The purpose of DI is technically to stop falsehood. In reality, they push a far-left, green socialist, woke LGBT-obsessed agenda that targets right-of-center websites and tries to get their articles taken down.

If you write about the Biden crime family, protecting unborn babies, promoting American industry, or putting America first, you’re likely to get on DI’s radar.

They will then do their best to have your articles targeted to list them as “disinformation” by Google and have their advertising and search ranking stripped.

Who’s Behind DI?

DI’s parent company is Global Disinformation Index (GDI) located in the UK. It’s led by a woman named Clare Melford; an American man named Danny Rogers founded it.

Rogers has appeared in the past targeting those who didn’t buy the mainstream narrative on COVID vaccines and reinforcing the Biden regime at every possible point.

In addition to significant money from Soros’ Open Society umbrella organizations, DI also gets money from the US State Department, the EU, and the Government of the UK.

The Bottom Line

DI has American taxpayers paying for their own censorship and being censored by foreign governments.

Groups like DI are anti-American and Soviet-like outfits run by fanatical far-left extremists. DI needs to be investigated fully at the earliest opportunity.