Ex-Planned Parenthood Employee Commits Suicide During Investigation

Shortly after authorities failed to apprehend a previous Connecticut Planned Parenthood executive on suspicion of child pornographic material, the man committed suicide.

His suicide happened after police attempted their search by breaking through the entrance of the suspect’s neighbor in New Haven.

Cops Messed Up

In the wake of a child pornography probe in Connecticut this past week, Tim Yergeau, 36, who served as the former head of corporate communications for Planned Parenthood’s Southern New England location, committed suicide.

According to New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson, the individual who was deceased was undoubtedly an accused individual in a child pornography operation and the same individual who took their own life.

Prior to learning they were in an incorrect home, the Special Victims Unit investigators who were looking into the child pornography case allegedly smashed through the door of Yergeau’s neighbor, just five days beforehand and detained the lady.

They clearly hit the incorrect door, said Jacobson, according to the source. Sadly, an error was made, stated Jacobson. He expressed their sympathy and regret for targeting the women and expressed they would do everything they could to rectify the issue.

Yergeau perished on Tuesday morning, according to his neighbor and the state’s Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner.

Jacobson ultimately declined to verify whether he was the subject of the child pornography probe. He died by suicide, according to the medical examiner.

In accordance with the Long Wharf Theatre’s web page, Yergeau started working there as its communications and marketing manager in August 2022 after quitting Planned Parenthood.


They were stunned and extremely dismayed when they discovered what happened in the last 24 hours, a theater spokeswoman told the site. It would have been improper to say further, considering the upsetting news.

Police allegedly stated that since there are two ongoing inquiries into the situation, they are unlikely to disclose the search warrant petition or disclose details.