Everyone is Turning Against Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden’s COVID vaccine requirement, according to Democrat Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, is not the “most efficient” or “appropriate” for her state.

“I studied the Biden government’s new vaccine requirement recently. While I applaud the intention of keeping people safe, which is one I share, I don’t feel this direction is the best or most effective approach for Kansas,” Kelly declared in a letter released on Friday.

Biden’s Dividing the Democrats

“From the beginning of the epidemic, states were at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. It is too late to enforce a federal norm, now that we’ve already established systems and processes adapted to our unique requirements,” the Democrat governor explained.

Beginning January 4, 2022, Biden’s demanding all private enterprises with 100 or more employees to implement a vaccine mandate. The Fifth U.S. Court of Appeals, on the other hand, granted an urgent suspension of the federal government’s vaccination mandate on Saturday.

The measure, according to Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, prevents Biden from “going forward with his unconstitutional overreach.”

No Biden Overreach Here!

“The administration will not force medical operations on the people of this country without the constitutional checks and balances,” Landry, a conservative, said in a release.

When Biden’s vaccination requirement for businesses was originally revealed earlier this year, it was met with vehement and immediate opposition. When the requirement was first launched in September, conservatives called it “unlawful.”

Governor Kelly has stated she will “seek a settlement” on vaccine requirements that “persists to respect the individuality of our jurisdiction and expands on our ongoing efforts to tackle a once-in-a-generation catastrophe.”

Kelly will be competing for re-election in the coming year. The Kansas governor’s words drew a rebuke from Republican rival Kansas State Attorney Derek Schmidt.

Schmidt said Kelly has been silent on Biden’s vaccination requirement for two months, while he has already been opposing it.

“Since the announcement of Joe Biden’s requirements, Attorney General Schmidt has been battling them. Laura Kelly has spoken out about her worries 36 hours after her team was defeated in blue state Virginia, after two months of inaction, “CJ Grover, Schmidt’s political director claimed in a statement, on Friday.

“These are words that have been followed by no action. Kansans are astute and they can tell which politician is fighting for their career on conviction. They can also tell which politician is trying to save her own job with a desperate political maneuver,” the statement continues.

It’s incredibly refreshing to see the states stand up to Biden’s tyranny, regardless of their party affiliation. As time goes on, more blue leaders will come to their senses and ditch the administration’s draconian policies.

If the Biden administration does not change its ways soon, this rebellion will damage the party in the midterms. Democrats now realize they need to ditch Biden to survive.