Everyone is Sick of Biden’s Failures

Haiti has been devastated by a year of disasters, including the killing of its president, a severe hurricane, and a devastating earthquake that killed thousands of civilians.

In the run-up to its election, Nicaragua is seeing an uptick in violence. Following historic rallies demanding the end of a 62-year-old communist rule, Cuba experienced harsh repression. The coronavirus epidemic and economic difficulties have wreaked havoc on Latin America as a whole.

It’s a Problem with Liberal Politics in General

President Joe Biden’s immigration woes don’t begin at the border between the United States and Mexico. They’re a reflection of a Western Hemisphere in a predicament, a situation that will have domestic political ramifications in the 2022 elections and well beyond.

There really is no ideological safe haven on the left or the right for Biden. He is caught between liberals angry about his plan to expel thousands of refugees back to Haiti.

Biden likewise remains trapped between centrist Democrats disappointed that he hasn’t accomplished enough to dissuade foreigners from attempting to cross the US-Mexico border and Republicans who claim the government’s border policies contributed to the increase in illegal crossings.

Colin Strother, a long-time liberal strategist in Texas, said Biden utterly mishandled it from the start. A genuine human cost has been incurred and a major political cost will be incurred in 2022.

Thousands of primarily Haitian immigrants (at a temporary camp under an interstate bridge in Del Rio, Texas) have dominated headlines and TV news programs in recent days, highlighting Biden’s problems.

It has angered Democrats across the political spectrum. They are dissatisfied with the government’s management of the region’s humanitarian concerns, along with the tumultuous events surrounding immigration along the Mexico border.

Many moderate Democrats always supported Biden’s aim of creating a fair and equitable asylum system (following four years of former President Trump’s restrictive measures). However, they also think Biden’s current method isn’t succeeding, albeit for separate reasons.

The Majority of Americans Agree

According to a recent Politico/Morning Research survey, eligible voters trust Republicans in Congress to manage migration more than Democrats, 45 percent to 40 percent. As per a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, only 38 percent of American adults approved of Biden’s handling of immigrants and refugees.

Democrat politicians and strategists privately admit that one of the party’s difficulties is that Biden needs to do a better job of articulating what he’s doing and what his immigration goals are.

The crises and circumstances driving migrants to flee their nations — with multitudes traveling from as far as Brazil and Ecuador — are unlikely to alter anytime soon. Meanwhile, several Democrats are concerned the current White House policy may cost them their legislative majority by 2022.

“They’re just offering conservatives ammunition against Democrats,” said Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, who chastised the government for making a contribution to the perceived notion the frontier is open.

Cuellar likewise slammed the government for failing to respond to border guards and towns, despite repeated warnings to plan for significant jumps in the number of migrants crossing the border.