Even Obama Agrees the Border Crisis is Out of Hand

Biden’s government struggles with what he termed a “heart-wrenching” migrant situation at the border; meanwhile, Barack Obama urged for comprehensive immigration reform to address a “poorly functioning” process.

Obama Made His Displeasure Known

In a discussion with ABC’s “Good Morning America” that broadcasts Tuesday, Obama said immigration reform in the United States is “far needed.”

He went on to say migration is a “difficult” topic because Americans want to be kind, but unlimited immigration is an “unsustainable” philosophy in the United States.

After such a spike in crossings, more than 14,000 Haitian refugees tented under an overpass in Del Rio, Texas, prompting Obama’s remarks.

Director of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed on Sunday the vast bulk of Haitian immigrants who infiltrated the southern US border in recent days have been already freed. He also said more could join.

Around 12,400 people had their needs assessed by immigration courts so far, with another 5,000 being handled by the Homeland Security Department. Only 3,000 people are being held in custody.

“This is a terrible reflection that we really do not have this solved yet, and we’ve got further work to do,” Obama said of the circumstances in Del Rio. Reimplementing Trump’s policies would be a good start.

“No one knows it more than Joe Biden, as big-hearted as he is,” Obama remarked. “Now, the issue is this: are we going to get real about dealing with the situation in a systemic approach, rather than reacting to catastrophes on a regular basis? I believe this is something every citizen should strive to eliminate.”

Immigration is Difficult and Has Always Been

“Mass migration is a difficult process. It always has been since, on the one side, I believe we are inherently a people who will help outsiders.”

Obama continued, saying we see sadness and suffering, and we see parents urgently trying to get here so their children can be safe. So often, they’re fleeing persecution or disaster in some cases.

He continued, “At the very same time, we are a sovereign nation. We have limits. The notion that we can just have unlimited immigration is unsustainable from a practical standpoint.”

The Biden government has been under fire for its management of the border crisis, which conservative critics pin on the government’s significant rollback of Trump-era initiatives, such as border wall building, as well as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Biden has also restricted ICE’s internal focus; he campaigned hard for the naturalization of undocumented immigrants already in the country.

The Biden administration has also started releasing immigrants into the country. They are now screening UACs for sponsors who are already in the nation. This comes on top of them discharging migrant families, which has enraged Republican leaders and congressmembers.