Eric Trump Takes the Fight to Joe Biden

"Eric Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Joe Biden continues to base his 2020 presidential campaign on experience, ethics, and character. To be precise, the former vice president and his political allies maintain that these three areas are his strong suits and President Trump’s weaknesses.
Of course, many Americans simply are not buying it. As time passes, the pushback against this narrative is increasing. The second night of the Republican National Convention marked a major milestone, in fact.

Towards the end of the second night of the GOP National Convention, first son Eric Trump took the stage. In doing so, Trump directly took the fight to Biden, confirms Washington Examiner.
Not only did the first son call out the former vice president’s troublesome record, but he also drew attention to why Biden has no business becoming president of the United States.

A Closer Look at Eric Trump’s RNC Speech

While speaking before the nation, Trump slammed Biden for accomplishing “absolutely nothing” over the 47 years he’s worked in politics. The first son noted that despite pro-Biden talking points, the former vice president has never “signed the front of a check.”

Trump continued, informing the nation that a Biden presidency would bring unspeakable levels of disaster to the nation. The first son turned to Biden’s policies, noting that he would raise taxes on more than 80% of Americans while also allowing illegal immigration, scrapping Second Amendment rights, and shuttering law enforcement.

The Silent Majority

In addition to pointing out the shortcomings and poor policies of Biden, Trump also talked about how his father has aided Americans across the country.
The first son explained that Trump got into politics in order to help forgotten men and women. He also pointed out the media’s decision to make fun of these forgotten men and women whilst mocking individuals who live in “flyover states.”
Before his speech ended, Eric Trump also spoke directly to the president from the podium. Trump stated that he is proud of his father’s work and pleased to be able to let his kids know what their grandfather is fighting for. The first son then praised his dad for pushing back against those who seek to corrupt the nation, urging President Trump to “never stop.”
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