Eric Trump on Democrats: They're Failing, No 'Proper Leadership'

Yesterday, Eric Trump appeared on air for a Fox News interview. Throughout the interview, the first son discussed the current state of the Democrats and how poorly they’re doing as a whole.

The Interview with Fox News

Trump sat down with Sean Hannity and first began by weighing in on 2020 Democrat hopefuls who have been attacking his father, the president.
In Eric Trump’s own words:

“They don’t have any leaders out there. These candidates all look very weak to me, I welcome running against, quite frankly, any of them and helping my father in every way we can.”

Some of the current Democrats running include Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden. Virtually all of the potential 2020 contenders are supportive of radically far-left policies (such as the Green New Deal) which don’t stand a chance of winning a general election.
This is a point which Trump touched on as well:

“They are failing, Sean. They don’t have a message, they don’t have proper leadership, and I am telling you, he’s going to win this thing again.  He’s going to win this thing in 2020 because they are incredibly deranged.”

The lunacy amongst the Democrats is not merely limited to their current presidential candidates. Even those who are currently serving in Congress have proven themselves to have Trump Derangement Syndrome. From constant assertions that Trump colluded with Russia (despite Mueller’s findings which claim otherwise) to digging into the president’s tax returns and business documents, the insanity of the left knows no bounds.
Eric Trump very correctly noted that Congressional Democrats are more interested in going after President Trump than they are in fulfilling their duties as senators and representatives.

“This is what you get out of these people. They don’t want to work for the American people, they don’t want to do their jobs in Congress. I say this as a civilian, people are sick and tired of this nonsense.”

The Future of the Democrat Party

If Democrats continue on their current course (which they inevitably will), their future isn’t going to be very bright. Americans want to hear about reasonable policies, not far-left, obscene proposals and schemes to get the president’s tax returns. When it’s all said and done, Democrats have no real message, as Eric Trump stated. The Democrat Party has become the party of extremism and going after Donald Trump.
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