Elizabeth Warren is Lying to Her Supporters…

Democrats regularly attempt to brand themselves as these pious champions who are fighting for middle America and the working class. They love to claim that progressive policies are critical to lifting people out of poverty. Furthermore, Democrats also have a tendency to demonize anyone who leans even slightly right of center.

If you let the left tell it, conservatives hate the poor and have no regard for working Americana. While this notion is regularly promoted, it is simply not accurate. The reality is that Democrats view the poor and working classes as easy targets to exploit for political power.

This reality has manifested in the form of a fellowship program which was being headed by Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign. Breitbart News confirms that applicants who applied to Warren’s fellowship program were told one thing, yet had a very different experience after the fact. Thus far, Warren has yet to get ahead of this and provide a public statement to her supporters.

Everything You Need to Know about the Phony Fellowship Program

When Warren’s supporters applied to her fellowship campaign, they were led to believe that they’d be doing volunteer work. However, they were in for a nasty surprise when their tasks resembled that of paid interns, as opposed to volunteers.

Furthermore, the fellowship program talked about offering housing accommodations, yet failed to deliver on this. Advertisement for the program was also framed in a manner which suggested payment for services completed; payment never materialized either.

Jonathan Nendze, a senior student at the Seton Hall University, explained the not-so-great experience he had when applying for the Warren campaign’s fellowship program:

“What was sold to me was very different than it actually was. The way they always communicated it was always fellow/intern, like they were synonymous. Their application kind of took advantage of people who were really eager to get experience. I had no information about where to go, if I was being paid. If they had told me upfront that I was unpaid, maybe I would have been able to prepare better.”

The Longest Running Leftist Con

The biggest con of all is that Democrats and progressives are these amazingly pious individuals who are fighting for struggling people. This simply isn’t accurate, no matter how much the left claims it is.

Many young people are beginning to wake up to the fact that these progressive candidates and politicians are not angels. They’re seeing it as Warren lies to her supporters about the work they’ll be doing for her campaign. Bernie Sanders’ supporters are also seeing it as he rallies for a federal $15.00 per hour minimum wage while paying his campaign staffers poverty wages.

The Democrat Party pushes for big government, victimhood, and dependency because it ultimately allows them to maintain political power.

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