Dylan Mulvaney Completely Trashed Bud Light’s Brand!

Just after we thought Anheuser-Busch may be able to clean up Bud Light’s reputation after that disastrous Dylan Mulvaney campaign, the numbers came in. They’re not looking good.

As it turns out, the company can’t even get people to buy the beer for what’s essentially free of charge, with a lot of stores in the Midwest practically giving it away before it goes bad on the shelves.

Bud Light still struggling to recover

The company even took another step forward, offering anyone who buys Bud Light for Memorial Day weekend a $15 rebate, with little to no success.

One Twitter user shared pictures of entire displays of the beer, untouched, even though a full case costs $0 after the $15 rebate, which only goes to show how a poor marketing campaign can ruin a brand entirely.

Even with a freebie for a 20-pack, store shelves are stocked full of Bud Light. This is an all-American brand that fell from grace after collaborating with trans-icon Dylan Mulvaney in some sad attempt to market the beer to the LGBTQ community.

Others responded to the original Twitter post, sharing pictures from their local stores, where a 24-pack was selling for $3.49, with many arguing a 6-pack cost that much back in the 80s.

Bud’s going bad on the shelves

Of course, Anheuser-Busch didn’t account for the fact their main consumer base for Bud Light, that being men, isn’t too big on coupons and prepaid cards they can use elsewhere.

Because of this, stores will eventually have to start throwing expired cans out; this will do even more damage to the already ruined brand.

In fact, no one’s drinking Bud Light anymore. Save for a couple of teens who are definitely going to make use of these record-breaking low prices for entire cases of beer, it seems no one ever will anymore.

From college frat parties to a family BBQ/cookout, Bud Light evaporated from American culture in a heartbeat; whether we want to admit it or not, it will be missed.

Matt Walsh also joined in on the fun, celebrating the success of the boycott that followed after the Mulvaney campaign. A similar thing happened to Target when they tried to include a pro-satanist stance in their “Pride theme” children’s clothing line.

Bud Light is over, we can only hope Coors Light won’t pull a stunt like this in the near future.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.