Durham Report Reveals Unbelievable Amounts of Deep State Corruption

Special Counsel John Durham released a 306-page report Monday. This came after four years of investigations into the FBI’s involvement in the Trump campaign and the Russian collusion conspiracy.  

Straight to the Point: There Was No Collusion 

The overall premise of Durham’s report is centered around Operation Crossfire Hurricane, a fraudulent investigation initiated by President Obama’s FBI into the 2016 Trump campaign, despite no evidence of Russian collusion between the two parties. 

The report called the Russian collusion conspiracy “Clinton Plan Intelligence,” a joint effort by the Clinton campaign to smear Trump as having engaged in treacherous behavior with a foreign power. 

Both the Department of Justice and the FBI failed to enforce standards of integrity when it came to upholding the law and avoiding erroneous procedures during their farce operation, noted John Durham. 

A Propagated Hoax  

Former CIA Director John Brennan briefed then-President Obama, Vice President Biden, along with other officials on the matter. This was devised to villainize Trump via character assassination as an operative working on the Kremlin’s behalf. 

The knowledge that Russian collusion was a crafted hoax was well known in 2016 from the Obama administration down throughout the federal government, intelligence agencies, and even the liberal media.

This makes the Durham Report an indictment of all three members of an unholy trinity. 

This was promptly ignored upon the release of the Clinton-funded Steele dossier. It presented several “claims” of supposed collusion, prompting the FBI to later obtain a FISA warrant to search Trump’s properties.  

The Durham Report also found that Christopher Steele was offered over $1 million by the Clinton campaign for information on Trump. This was nearly a month before the 2016 election. 

In addition, FBI personnel are mentioned to have demonstrated a lack of rigor upon obtaining and processing information during Crossfire Hurricane. Tips submitted by politically affiliated individuals and/or organizations were given less time for thorough analysis. 

On Tuesday, former Attorney General William Barr on Fox News said the main prerogative of the Durham Report was not to find criminal behavior among members of the FBI, but rather how the DoJ conducted itself during the faux investigation into Trump and Russia. 

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.