Dr. Fauci Slammed over Clash with GOP Rep. Jim Jordan

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

Coronavirus task force Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to face scrutiny and criticism. Since gaining the national spotlight, Fauci has repeatedly changed his mind on the virus, yet the American left takes his word as gospel that is above question.
Last week, Fauci caused many people to shake their heads following his recommendation for Americans to wear goggles in addition to face masks. The “expert’s” arguments for donning “eye protection” asserted that goggles would further reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 acquisition.

The coronavirus task force doctor also found himself in a heated clash with Republican Rep. Jim Jordan. During a segment of Fauci’s congressional testimony, the Ohio representative questioned him about the safety of crowds amid COVID-19.
Fauci’s refusal to give a straight answer, along with other factors, has caused him to be labeled as a “total fraud” by a top conservative commentator, reports Townhall.

Reviewing Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s Take on Fauci

During Tucker Carlson’s segment on Fox News, he didn’t hesitate to let Americans know what he truly thinks about Fauci.
The conservative commentator blasted Fauci for contradictory statements, noting the flaws of asserting some crowds as dangerous, but not others. Likewise, Carlson flamed Fauci for choosing to “opine” on matters so long as his opinions do not offend Democrats.

The Fox News host’s remarks were accompanied by various clips of Fauci calling for shutdowns, “forceful” government enforcement of face masks, etc. This comes after the coronavirus task force doctor claimed in March that Americans should not be walking around with face coverings on.
Finally, Carlson branded Fauci as a “total fraud” for citing economic collapse as an “inconvenience” while refusing to provide a clear answer on whether riots and protests are acceptable.

Should Americans Trust Fauci?

Right now, support and trust of Fauci largely varies in accordance with partisanship. While the Democrats largely praise Fauci and hang onto his every word, Republicans are considerably more critical. Even President Trump has come out and stated that certain points made by Fauci are incorrect.

The coronavirus task force doctor’s claim that Americans should wear goggles has not settled well with many people. Some people also theorized that certain folks in power, like Fauci, are conducting a social experiment to see how much of the nation will blindly follow whatever they are told without question.
Suffice it to say, criticism of Fauci remains ongoing; many Americans have also vowed that they will not don goggles or “eye protection,” in spite of Fauci’s recommendations.
Do you think that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a “total fraud?” Will you be wearing goggles as Fauci has advised? Let us know down below in the comments section.