Don Jr.: Roy Moore "Doing a Disservice to All Conservatives" By Running for Senate Again

Judge Roy Moore is once again taking heat for his decision to run for the Alabama Senate seat. Moore previously attempted to run 2017, but lost to Democrat opponent Doug Jones, following allegations of sexual impropriety.
However, these allegations have not stopped Moore from deciding to run again. He mentioned taking this course of action a few weeks back and was encouraged to abstain from doing so by President Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son. Moore did not heed the advice, hence prompting Don Jr. to weigh in yet again, as documented by Fox News.

Don Jr. on Roy Moore Running for Senate Again

First and foremost, it’s important to note that many pro-Trump conservatives, like the president and his eldest son, do not want Moore to run for Senate again. Ultimately, these members of the right-wing maintain that Moore would fail to win and effectively secure the victory of a Democrat. Moore, on the other hand, seems to believe that he can win, despite his 2017 loss to Doug Jones.
Following the news of Moore’s decision to run for the Alabama Senate yet again, Don Jr. posted the following tweets in regards to his disapproval.

In another tweet, the president’s eldest son also alluded to the allegations of sexual misconduct which Roy Moore faced in 2017:

Republican Leaders on Roy Moore

President Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are not the only members of the GOP who are not inclined to see Moore run for the Alabama Senate again. A spokesperson for the Senate Leadership Fund recently released a statement explaining why Republicans agree that Moore ought not to insert himself into the Senate race again.
In their own words:

“We believe most Alabama Republicans realize that nominating Roy Moore would be gift-wrapping this Senate seat for Chuck Schumer. It remains to be seen whether Moore can escape his baggage without his candidacy collapsing under its own weight, regardless of what groups on the outside do.”

What do you think? Should Roy Moore run for the Alabama Senate again or are President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and the Senate Leadership Fund right?
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