Disaster Strikes for Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is suffering through another further change. Prominent figures of Harris’ circle are departing, and even more are contemplating the doors.

This all comes less than a year after building a more or less new group to help her transition into the vice presidency.

Harris Needs a Reset

Some of Harris’ closest friends and liberal allies are pressing her to accept the idea of a reboot more forcefully, claiming she needs to put her bumpy first year behind her and accept the concept that she’s starting a new chapter.

Others, including some top advisers, are wary of announcing a dramatic transition. They believe the internal reorganization simply adds to the perception of chaos. Also, most of the fresh faces in the vice president’s office won’t be available for the public viewing anyways.

When contacted about the labor turnover and the possibility of a reboot by Politico, Harris refused to respond; her office refused to speak for the article.

Yet behind the curtains, consultants have spent weeks scouring the workplace for potential successors for key positions. They’re reaching out to others who left earlier this year to see if they’d be more open to joining in a subsequent round.


Donna Brazile, a longtime Democrat consultant close to the White House and vice president’s office, said at this government level, change is unavoidable.

This is true particularly in the case of Symone Sanders, who was one of President Joe Biden’s first hires when he ran for office. She did say, though, that the new vacancies will allow Harris to reevaluate this situation.

In a statement, Brazile remarked, “Every chance you get in politics to rejuvenate and repurpose is a great opportunity. There have been individuals [Harris] could take with her at each and every stage of her life.”

“Then, there were others she had to start picking up along the road, due to new duties. I believe this is a chance for her to find people who can take their places at the table, as she has done throughout her career. There’s a new item on the menu.”

She Needs to Get Her Act in Order

“She’s f—ed if she can’t pick her own folks or have a lot of influence in who she picks,” a longstanding Harris friend told Politico. This friend also added that Harris needs supporters who can also retain trust and support within Biden’s close sanctum.

Over the summertime, the Biden team called in a pair of consultants — Lorraine Voles, as well as Adam Frankel — to evaluate the vice president’s organization and make improvements.

They haven’t discussed any modifications, but a source close to Harris characterized Voles as “a soothing influence” who has helped to eliminate bottlenecks.