DHS Boss on the Chopping Block Over Border Mismanagement

Repercussions and accountability are what is needed to keep the Biden government in check. Conservative representatives are therefore taking action to ensure those in charge are held accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Arizona, stated on Friday that he will submit impeachment charges on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, criticizing the government’s mishandling of the immigration crisis.

Sec. Mayorkas poses a threat to the country’s national sovereignty, according to Biggs. Society is in greater peril directly as a result of his programs and decisions than when he first took office.

Will More Step Up To Take the Administration on?

Biggs isn’t the first conservative to blame the government, and Mayorkas in particular, for the migrant issue at the southern border; it has seen a sharp increase in migrant cases that shows little signs of abating. Raising impeachment charges, on the other hand, would constitute an exacerbation of the criticism.

Rollbacks of Trump-era policy initiatives such as the Migrant Protection Procedures (MPP), the completion of border wall building projects, and the shrinking of Immigration and Customs (ICE) objectives have been blamed by right-wing critics of the government’s actions for spurring the sharp rise.

Nevertheless, the Biden government has faulted core issues in Central America such as poverty, violence, and global warming; they’ve also launched measures to address those root reasons. It has furthermore concentrated on screening migrants for entry into the United States; however, Biden has recently begun flying evicted immigrants to Mexico.

The Numbers are Only Rising

Thus far, the statistics show that the number of people crossing the border is expanding rather than decreasing. HHS said on Thursday that 834 unaccompanied minors had crossed the border in one day, whereas McAllen, Texas, has established and enlarged facilities to accept COVID-positive immigrants discharged by Customs and Immigration (CBP).

As per early CBP figures, upwards of 210,000 migrants were caught in July, as per the Associated Press. Nevertheless, many of them are being deported as a result of the Biden government’s extension of Title 42 public health safeguards, which allow for the quick removal of immigrants.

DHS is deliberately returning COVID-19 positive aliens into our communities under his command, exposing the American public to unwarranted and unnecessary risks, according to Biggs.

Secretary Mayorkas is disobeying his sworn oath and sitting over a careless abandoning of boundary compliance and enforcement at the price of the U.S Constitution and public safety. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, has pushed for Mayorkas and Biden to be impeached for the government’s mishandling of the immigration crisis.

President Biden and Sec. Mayorkas have shamelessly and routinely failed to discharge their fundamental job of ensuring that the immigration rules are properly enforced, as mandated by Article II, jeopardizing countless American and immigrant lives in the process, Roy said on Fox News Tuesday.