Biden Refuses to Lift Travel Restrictions

A growing number of people within and outside of the government are wondering if travel prohibitions on a wide variety of foreign nations are still essential in the battle against COVID-19; however, the Biden Administration is refusing to lift them.

As per five people familiar with the issue, opponents of the limits referred to Jeff Zients, the White House’s coronavirus epidemic reaction director, as the biggest roadblock to loosening the lengthy limitations.

However, some of those individuals are so fed up with Zients that they’ve started talking about how to get past him; these people are also trying to take their argument to other senior officials alternatively.

Billions of Dollars Going Down the Drain

Congressmembers, European nations, the airline industry, and trapped citizens are putting pressure on the administration of Joe Biden to ease the limitations; this is notably true in Canada and parts of Europe, where vaccination percentages are quite high. They claim that the prohibitions are wasting billions of dollars, millions of jobs, and causing couples to be separated.

Europe removed border controls for vaccinated Americans last month; likewise, Canada stated recently it may reopen its border to vaccinated Americans for travel that is non-essential

An answer is owed to the American public, whatever the heck is happening, said Rep. Brian Higgins. He was one of 75 members who wrote to Biden earlier this month, imploring him to take scientific, information-driven actions to resume foreign travel to the US securely. As per a Congressional Democrat staffer, Sens. Jacky Rosen and Rick Scott are also ready to write to Biden.

Almost Everyone is Calling the Restrictions to be Removed

Several senior Biden federal officials, notably Cabinet officials and physicians, have voiced support for loosening the limits, providing visitors can show proof of immunizations or give a negative COVID test.

As per two senior government officials aware of the discussions, the government is still opposed to requiring proof of immunization from corporations; this includes airline companies.

In the presence of conservative opposition, the White House has consistently thrown out a nationwide vaccine passport, due to concerns over government intrusion and discriminating towards Americans who refuse to be immunized.

Immunization proof is generally supported by White House doctors, according to a physician in contact with the White House. According to the source, Jeff Zients is the one who is holding up the immunization documentation.

He believes that the Biden team’s appearance of being pro-vaccine papers has serious political ramifications. He’s thinking in terms of politics, but scientific verification of immunization is crucial.

In June, the government formed four committees comprising members from various US departments, as well as representatives from Canada, Mexico, the Euro Zone; members from the United Kingdom are also included in the work to come up with a solution to the limitations.

Members from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the Depts of State, National Security, Human Services, and Transport, are among the teams led by the White House COVID reaction committee and the Security Council.

They have still yet to lay out a strategy; meanwhile, administration officials have only publicly stated that they will be following the research and consulting public health authorities.