DeSantis Proposes Legislation To Make Protections From COVID Mandates Permanent

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled a legislative proposal today that would make COVID-19 liberties there permanent.

DeSantis Proposes New Legislation

Since the COVID pandemic started in 2020, DeSantis, who is frequently mentioned as a prospective 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has spoken out against lockdowns and the imposed restrictions that go along with them.

According to the governor’s office, this vehemently pro-freedom, anti-mandate initiative will forever protect Floridians from being laid off from their jobs due to COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

It will help to defend parents’ rights and establish additional protections that stop discrimination based on COVID-19 vaccination status.

DeSantis claimed in a statement that these provisions will guarantee Florida will provide unprecedented safeguards for free expression for medical practitioners.

Florida has long served as a strong pillar of freedom during a time when the rest of the world had seemingly lost its mind, according to Governor Ron DeSantis.

He claims that these measures will guarantee that Florida stays this way and will offer medical professionals landmark safeguards for free expression.

Governor DeSantis signed legislation in 2021 that outlawed private employer vaccine and mask requirements throughout the state in order to safeguard Florida employment and parents’ freedom to make healthcare choices for their children.

State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo says he has personally seen brilliant scientists face threats because of their unconventional stances as health sciences researchers and practitioners.

He continued by saying, as we have all witnessed over the past few years, a lot of these viewpoints turned out to be accurate.  It ought to be encouraged that all medical practitioners participate in the scientific conversation without worrying about their jobs or careers.

The governor’s office stated that DeSantis continues to remain committed to upholding COVID freedoms in Florida. He will battle against local governments and companies that try to enforce totalitarian policies surrounding COVID.

The proposal calls for a permanent ban on regulations that have repeatedly been demonstrated to be ineffective, including:

  • Permanently banning the use of COVID-19 vaccine passports in Florida
  • Perpetually banning the use of COVID-19 vaccine regulations and mask regulations in all Florida schools
  • Permanently banning the use of COVID-19 masking requirements in businesses
  • Perpetually banning the use of mRNA COVID jabs as a basis for hiring or firing

New Legislation Protects Freedoms in Florida

The governor’s proposal includes protections for medical professionals’ First Amendment rights. By putting these protections into place via law, the governor is now ensuring that no one in Florida loses their job or medical license for expressing their professional ideas.

Medical practitioners will be protected by the law from discrimination based on their personal beliefs and their religious beliefs. People in Florida should not have to lose their jobs over a difference of opinions.