DeSantis Implements Bill to Prevent Chinese Land-Grabbing

Following the conclusion of the Florida legislative session, Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his enthusiasm for prohibiting communist China from possessing properties in his state.

The Republican governor said that they do not approve of the CCP in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis Takes a Stand

DeSantis posted on Twitter that Florida will not permit the CCP to buy agricultural land or land close to their essential infrastructure, as the legislature’s productive session came to an end.

The CCP is not welcome in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis informed journalists in Tallahassee that he believes his state has proven to be the most successful of any state across the nation. He thinks it’s going to be a precedent that is a template for the rest of the nation to emulate shortly.

On the evening of Thursday, the Florida Senate and House reached an agreement on legislation that prohibits China and other adversaries from purchasing property close to military installations and important facilities.

The bill was in dispute among the two legislative bodies up until the final momentsĀ of the legislature’s session.

The legislation prohibits the ownership of farms or lands within ten miles of military installations or important infrastructure facilities. This extends to adversarial foreign nations and their representatives.

This is a measure that ought to cease spying and establish a zone of safety. The acquisition of “farmland in the United States” caused DeSantis a great deal of worry and for good reason.

DeSantis said he considers our nation’s ability to feed itself to be in danger. He stated it is a matter of safety; however, it is also extremely significant for the economy in Florida, as well as several other regions of the country.

The Florida governor then pointed out the military risk presented by Chinese communist land acquisition.


Finally, DeSantis said he also recognizes China might be interested in purchasing items close to military installations.

The CCP operates its own police forces throughout the country, where they essentially monitor Chinese citizens who are here attending classes or other activities.