Dems Have Lost the Plot – Minneapolis Want to Abolish the City’s Police Force

The Minneapolis local government is attempting to abolish the city’s police department once more; on this occasion, they’re deciding on a system to fix it all with a public safety agency. This agency would answer incoming emergency calls using a holistic approach to managing public health.

Last year, the Minneapolis Town Council was prevented from dissolving the police department by the city’s constitution committee, which noted that the town’s civic constitution compels it to have one. With this information, the Yes 4 Minneapolis Group is pushing a ballot initiative that would allow voters to change the current law to create a “public safety” bureau.

According to Fox News, that cited multiple sources, the Minneapolis Strategy and Government Regulation Advisory board is made up of all 13 Minneapolis Councilors; the board authorized the draft bill proposed by the activist organization Yes 4 Minneapolis Council in an 11-2 vote, and it will then be sent to the full committee for an election.

The Public Will Have the Chance to Vote on the Matter

The proposal would go on the primary ballot for Minneapolis voters on Nov. 2 if the Town Council comes out in support of it. According to Fox 9 Minneapolis, if passed, the initiative will give citizens the power to overthrow the city police department and ask for a “holistic public health approach” to community security. Although, it does not specify what that actually entails.

The police would be substituted in the plan by a public safety organization; however, the proposal does not specify how the directorate will operate or be constituted, according to the local outlet.

The question posed is the following: Shall the Constitution be revised to create an Office of Public Protection that utilizes a comprehensive mental health method with a variety of options and employees, such as certified peace officers as required, to fulfill public protection duties, with all the general nature of the provisions being shortly demonstrated in the information sheet below, which is decided to make a part of the bill?

Although this request had only 20,000 signatories — roughly 5% of the Minneapolis population — the Yes 4 Minneapolis Campaign bragged about the result in a statement, stating that the citizens of Minneapolis had “spoken” and lambasted the city’s constitution panel.

The Yes 4 Minneapolis Organization said today’s vote validates how much they’ve understood right from the beginning. They claim the citizens of Minneapolis are thrilled and prepared to engage in their government to keep themselves and one another secure, and that a minority of undemocratic persons continue to try to sabotage these attempts.

All This During the Worst Crime Wave in Recent History

Amid a dramatic surge in crime that has the municipality on track for a record-breaking number of murders, the Minneapolis local government has continued in their attempts to first defund and then disband the city’s police enforcement organizations, according to KARE 11 Minneapolis.

By June 1, 2021, the city has already experienced twice as many shootings as it did in 2020.