Democrats Urge Biden to Skip Next Two Presidential Debates

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Last night marked the first presidential debate of the 2020 general election. With Fox News’ Chris Wallace as the moderator, both President Trump and Joe Biden answered questions and went after one another.
Minutes into the debate, the former vice president began to stammer and show clear signs of exhaustion. Trump called out Biden on a series of matters; these matters included the latter’s political record, Hunter Biden’s link to foreign governments, law and order, etc.

On multiple occasions, Biden forgot his words and hurried to correct himself. As the camera pointed to his face, the former vice president appeared frazzled and shaken up. Americans witnessed this last night and it’s obvious that Democrats are scared.
According to Breitbart News, last night’s debate has prompted multiple individuals on the left to urge for Biden not to participate in the scheduled two more debates against President Trump.

Calls to Cancel the Next Two Presidential Debates

Democrats’ interest in cancelling presidential debates arrived even before last night’s match. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeatedly went on record and stated that Biden should decline to “legitimize” Trump by debating with him. An op-ed writer for the New York Times also called for an end to presidential debates altogether.
However, after last night’s display, Democrats are aware that Biden is very much in trouble. Multiple subsequent polls have shown the president deemed as the winner of the debate. This would explain why various left-wing actors, NYT reporters, and TV hosts are urging for the next two presidential debates to be axed.
Every leftist person to urge for the cancellation of the next two presidential debates has stated that President Trump and his conduct are the reasons why; however, this simply doesn’t hold water. If the left truly believed that Trump did so poorly, they’d be eager for Biden to debate him and let the nation see the contrast.
Instead, though, the left is terrified of Biden making himself look even worse in two more debates; they know this would thereby increase the chances of a Trump 2020 victory.

More on Last Night’s Debate

The first presidential debate arrived after various speculations that Biden would try to weasel his way out of it. Thus far, the Biden campaign hasn’t released any statements to suggest that the former vice president won’t engage in the two more scheduled debates.
While President Trump’s campaign posted a series of clips exposing the differences between the candidates, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris resorted to namecalling against Trump.
What did you think about the first presidential debate last night? Are you looking forward to seeing Mike Pence and Kamala Harris spar against one another during the vice-presidential debate in early October? Let us know in the comments section below!