Democrats Under Pressure to Increase Federal Minimum Wage

"Raise the Minimum Wage" (CC BY 2.0) by pasa47

Increasing the minimum wage is a leftist economic proposal that Democrats have supported for quite some time.

Left-wingers believe that increasing the minimum wage levels the economic playing field and helps working people earn more money. What Democrats have consistently ignored and refused to take into account, though, is the reality that minimum wage hikes are always offset in the economic market.

“Crumpled money with Minimum wage text” (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

When the minimum wage goes up, so do expenses for businesses, notably small businesses. Therefore, business owners are forced to lay off workers and slash employees’ hours, both of which counteract any gains that would stem from increasing the minimum wage. It’s also a commonly-known fact that the prices of services and goods surge when the minimum wage goes up.

Despite the above, documented realities, the Democrat Party still remains under intense pressure from its base to increase the minimum wage, Breitbart News confirms.

Why Democrats Want to Increase the Minimum Wage

On Friday, CNN news anchor Van Jones declared that the Democrat Party has no choice but to increase the minimum wage. Jones furthermore described this matter as a “big deal,” stating that a minimum wage increase is necessary for Democrats to keep getting votes from progressives, young voters, and voters of color.

The CNN news anchor didn’t stop there, though. Jones continued, declaring that it’s “suicide” for Democrats to expect people to show up and vote for them in midterm elections if they can’t increase the minimum wage.

Finally, Jones lamented that Americans haven’t witnessed a true rise in wages for “a generation.”

Broken Promises from the Democrat Party

Despite the offsetting consequences that stem from minimum wage hikes, it’s what the Democrat Party’s base wants. However, this is not the only area in which Democrats face pressure.

When Democrat senators and President Biden were running for their current positions, they promised Americans $2,000 checks. In fact, Biden explicitly stated that electing Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock would ensure that checks of $2,000 go “out the door” promptly.

This hasn’t happened yet and many left-wingers aren’t happy about it. Instead of the promised $2,000 checks, the best that Democrats will do is send out $1,400. Ultimately, the broken promises from the Democrat Party could very much cause issues for the left during 2022 midterm races.

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