Democrats Rallying behind Sleepy Joe for 2024 as Trump Loses Support

Democrat voters are once again rallying behind President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden after their party performed better than expected in this month’s midterm elections, while former President Donald Trump is somewhat losing support among Republicans, according to a new poll.

Trump Still Doing Better Than Biden, Though

Even though a widely-anticipated huge “red wave” did not technically materialize in the November 8 midterms, the Republican Party retook the US House of Representatives.

It clinched the 218 votes needed for a majority last week and presently stands at 219 seats vs. 212 for the Democrats, with four seats still up in the air. The Republicans also won the popular vote for the House, with 53 million votes compared with 50 million for the Democrats.

The Democratic Party kept its slim majority in the Senate, having clinched 50 seats vs. 49 for the GOP. The fate of the final seat will be decided in a Georgia runoff on December 6.

As the results started pouring in, the Democrats and Sleepy Joe, in particular, have behaved as though they had won the midterms – despite losing the House of Representatives.

According to the results from the latest USD Today and Ipsos public opinion poll, leftist voters may be sharing that sentiment.

The survey found that 71% of the Democrat voters now believe that Empty Shelves Joe could actually win the 2024 presidential election.

The number is up by 11 points compared with the 60% who shared that opinion in August.

The results, which come from a left-leaning pollster, may still indicate a reversal in leftist voter support for Biden after his ratings were declining ahead of the midterm due to the staggering inflation and numerous other crises caused by his administration.

At the same time, the new public opinion poll has found that former President Donald Trump’s popularity has taken a slight hit with Republican voters.

A total of 75% of the GOP supporters believe that Trump could win the 2024 presidential vote, and while the number is higher than Biden’s respective figure, it is down from 82% before the midterms.

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Biden Declared ‘Superager’ Despite Constant ‘Senior Moments’

Since the midterm election earlier this year, Abortion Joe turned 80, becoming “the first octogenarian” to hold the post of President of the United States.

At the time of the 2024 presidential election, if he wins the next Democratic Party nomination, Biden would be nearly 83.

His multiple speech gaffes and other senior moments had also led a growing number of Democrat voters to doubt whether he should run for reelection and whether he could win in 2024 even if he got the party’s presidential nomination.

A New York Times report on Sleepy Joe’s 80th birthday quoted aging expert Stuart Jay Olshansky from the University of Illinois at Chicago said the Democrat president could be one of the so-called “superagers,” older people with the mental capacity of much younger ones.

Biden’s multiple senior moment gaffes notwithstanding, Olshansky blasted the use of “age as a weapon.”

Earlier this month, the Democrat president said he had the “intention” to “run again” but noted that he was also a “great respecter of fate.” He is expected to decide on a reelection run at some point in 2023.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.