Democrats Outraged After Baltimore Cop Saves a Woman’s Life

Despite the graphic nature of this story and the videos you will see, we believe this is a story that needs to be told. The awful footage needs to be seen.

Hero Cop Saves Baltimore Woman

The majority of law enforcement personnel are excellent. They often put their lives on the line every day just by reporting to work, especially those who work in locations like Chicago or Baltimore.

Though, we also know that there are some truly bad cops out there.

Who remembers the awful murder of Tyre Nichols, 29? For those who need a reminder, Tyre was thrashed by five Memphis police officers. He died three days later in his hospital bed.

The officers have since been fired and are currently facing a slew of charges. Shocking footage spanning about 30 minutes showed us how an innocent Tyre was dragged from his car during a routine traffic stop and assaulted.

He then escaped and fled on foot. Once he was caught by officers, they proceeded to kick and beat the defenseless young man while he cried out for his mother.

It’s important to note Tyre had not resisted arrest. He also did not have the chance to defend himself. He was thrown around like a rag doll while officers took turns brutally assaulting him.

The compilation of videos included bodycam footage, as well as footage from a CCTV camera, and is truly one of the most horrifying things to watch.

As if the extreme and unnecessary violence is not shocking enough, it was sickening to see a dying Tyre left propped up against a vehicle while officers seemingly bragged about their heroism. They also lied about Tyre’s actions leading to his brutal attack.

It was certainly interesting that BLM and the woke left were rather uninterested in Tyre’s murder, perhaps because the murderers were black and this didn’t suit their narrative.

When viewing the clips below, it’s important to keep Tyre’s murder in mind.

As you will see, the bodycam footage below shows a man, Tyree Morehead, attacking a woman with a knife while police officers approach the scene and demand he gets on the ground.

Tyree continues to attack the woman and the police officer opens fire in order to save the woman’s life.

A fairly obvious conclusion from this video clip would be had the officer not fired upon Tyree in defense of the woman, she would have been seriously injured by Tyree, if not killed.

Family Wrongfully Question Shooting

Is it not a police officer’s duty to “serve and protect”?

The idea that anyone could question the actions of this officer is completely insane and yet, Tyree’s family is doing just that by challenging the justification of the shooting.

Would they have preferred it if the officer stood and watched their family member kill an innocent young woman in the street?