Democrats Now Against Voting By Mail

"Covid-19 Briefing - Wilmington, DE - Oct" (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Biden For President

For the longest time, the Democrat Party insisted that Americans ought to vote by mail. The left also touted mail-in voting as the safest means of participating in the 2020 presidential election while dismissing any concerns about this voting method.
Since then, mail-in ballots with votes for President Trump have mysteriously landed in trash cans. Meanwhile, other ballots being mailed to Americans are containing printing errors and other mistakes that prevent the ballot from being used.

With less than one week remaining until November 3, Democrats are now changing their attitudes towards voting by mail. Washington Examiner takes note of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claims that Americans should no longer mail in their ballots.

The Attitude Change on Voting by Mail

In a swift about-face, the House Speaker is now pushing for Americans to return their ballots in person, rather than slipping them into the mail. As is par for the course for Pelosi, she used the opportunity to attack President Trump, falsely alleging that his administration has worked to “dismantle” the United States Postal Service.
Republicans have criticized Democrats for the many issues linked to mail-in voting that the left consistently ignored; now, the Democrat Party maintains that the Tuesday election is too close to rely upon voting-by-mail. Furthermore, leftists are now apparently concerned that certain mail-in ballots won’t ultimately be counted.
To many Americans, the Democrats’ change in attitude is fascinating. When President Trump spoke about issues associated with voting by mail, the left accused him of voter suppression. However, since Democrats now have concerns about mail-in voting, they want their concerns taken seriously.

Voting in Person

In-person voting is something that the Republican Party has consistently encouraged. Americans who vote in person don’t have to worry about mailed ballots containing errors; concerns about ballots landing in garbage bins also aren’t an issue when Americans vote in person.
There’s some irony in the left’s claims that Republicans are actively working to suppress the vote. First, Democrats told Americans that voting in person constituted too much danger; now, they’re claiming that people also shouldn’t vote by mail.
The lack of consistency here is just as problematic as Democrats who believe that standing in long lines to vote is a form of “voter suppression.”
Have you voted in the 2020 presidential election yet? Did you vote in person or by mail? Let us know what you think about the Democrats’ attitude change about mail-in voting in the comments section below!