Democrats at Each Others’ Necks Over Biden’s Refusal to Act on Eviction Freeze

As of Monday, Joe Biden, as well as the White House, had not responded to a declaration from Pelosi and her executive team urging the current administration to prolong the government evictions moratorium. Meanwhile, “Squad” liberals protested their party’s inactivity on the Capitol grounds.

Pelosi is Clear: the Decision Must Come From Biden

Intervention is necessary, and it must originate first from the White House. It’s why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with her management team, put out a statement shortly after the embargo expired, urging the government to renew it quickly. As the CDC ramps up its mask-wearing and vaccine campaigns, science and logic urge that the prohibition be extended in light of the delta variant.

Earlier in the coronavirus outbreak, the Center for Disease Prevention and Control imposed an evictions embargo, prohibiting owners from evicting tenants who were late on their payments.

It was prolonged several times before ultimately ending Saturday night, after a June ruling from Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh. He stated that if the ban was to remain, Congress, not the administration, will have to prolong it.

As a result, the White House has asked legislature to approve measures that would ban landowners from evicting renters who do not pay their bills.

In view of the Court’s Ruling, Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said that the president wants Congress to renew the evictions freeze as soon as possible to safeguard such disadvantaged tenants and their dependents.

However, however neither House nor the Senate had the necessary votes, therefore, the removal prohibition was lifted. The White House did not react to a Fox News request for clarification on Pelosi’s remarks, in which she basically challenged Biden to do something that the Highest Court has already said is illegal.

Nevertheless, House Democrats are furious with the leadership of the party for apparently not treating the eviction freeze seriously. On Sunday night, they camped out on the Capitol steps for the third full day in a row, criticizing Biden’s and liberals’ failure to act in Washington.

It’s 5 a.m., Rep. Cori Bush wrote Monday afternoon. This morning felt frigid like the wind blew directly into my sleeping bag. We’ve been on Capitol steps since Friday because some comrades chose early holiday over participating to avoid eviction. It’s an unsettling situation that requires immediate attention. An eviction freeze is required for our people. Now.

People Are Being Evicted as We Speak

In a Sunday evening tweet, Bush said she’d learned hundreds of people were evicted that day after the ban was removed, with millions more to follow. She stated that people have been forcibly evicted from their houses today.

Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes the Democrat establishment could have prolonged the embargo if it had the desire to do so. At the rally on Friday, she stated, everyone knew this was coming.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman wrote Sunday evening that the White House claims it lacks the ability to prolong the foreclosure freeze or forgive student debt. It hasn’t had any trouble carrying out military operations without congressional approval, though.