Democrats are Taking Over California…

It’s no secret that when Democrats dominate in political leadership roles, disaster soon follows. Americans have witnessed this time and time again from inner cities across America, such as Detroit and Baltimore. Now, if you listen to those on the left, they’ll tell you that Republicans hate the poor. This isn’t true and Republicans aren’t the ones devastating areas with reckless policies; that’s what Democrats do.

Another example of the dark turn that places experience when dominated by leftists is California. Fox News reports that it’s getting rarer and rarer for Republicans to wield any real influence in the Golden State. This is different because, in previous times, conservatives did have strongholds in certain California areas. As news of left-wing dominance continues to hit the press, so do alarming reports of increasing homelessness in the state, particular Los Angeles.

The Erasure of California Republicans

Last year’s midterm elections marked the true turning point for the increase of Democrat influence in the Golden State. In Orange County, for instance, there are 548,952 registered Democrat voters and 548,095 registered Republicans. Furthermore, California’s representation in the House and the Senate is led by Democrats; the left-wing is aware of their gains in the state and more than thrilled with the turn of events.

Orange County Democratic Party chair Ada Briceño stated that Democrats are working to maintain their lead in California:

“We have seen since 2016, and even before that, that we’re becoming bluer and bluer. We know that trend is going to continue. The changes in our demographics are going to ensure that and the fact that we have activists and leaders on the ground working extremely hard to make sure that we are moving and speaking and enamoring people.”

Homelessness in California

Briceño shouldn’t get too happy. As Democrats rise in California, so do the rates of homelessness. Reports and documentaries are being made regarding this problem as rises of individuals sleep on the streets and in tents. Moreover, these circumstances are becoming a public health issue as human waste and other gross excrements remain on the streets and make various individuals sick.

This is an issue which politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Elijah Cummings don’t really want to face. If the Democrat Party continues to build in California, Americans can expect more reports of surging poverty and homelessness.

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