Democratic Prosecutor Goes on Trial for ‘Soft on Crime’ Abominations

Kimberly “Kim” Gardner, a Democratic prosecutor from St. Louis, Missouri, is going on trial for neglecting her duties.

This happened in at least seven different cases after her apparently “soft on crime” attitudes allowed criminals to walk free and ruin the lives of more victims.

There’s Your Pro-Crime Democratic Prosecutor

Public indignation over the pro-crime abominations committed by Gardner has been building up for months in Missouri.

Thus, last week, a judge ruled she would go to trial on seven out of ten counts of neglect of duty. She’s been charged by Missouri’s Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

Judge John Torbitzky issued the ruling regardless of protests by Gardner’s lawyers.

Bailey pressed charges against the prosecutor when he urged her to resign after her abuses became exposed. As a true impudent leftist, Gardner naturally refused to quit her job.

Torbitzky concluded that Gardner failed to fulfill by her duties as a prosecutor in multiple cases, HotAir reported.

The report points out one of the most blatant cases of Gardner’s pro-crime approach to her job occurred in February. A St. Louis teen girl, Janae Edmondson, lost both of her legs after getting run over by a speeding maniac.

As it turned out, the criminal in question, 21-year-old Daniel Riley, was supposed to be behind bars since he’d been released on a bond over a 2020 crime and broke the release terms over 50 times.

However, thanks to Kim Gardner, he was enjoying his freedom and the opportunity to speed in downtown St. Louis, leaving an innocent teen girl crippled for life.


Bond Terms Violated 50 Times – Still Nothing

Riley was busted for a robbery he allegedly committed in 2020. Three years later, he still hadn’t been tried, courtesy of Gardner.

To top it all off, the initial explanation from Gardner’s office as to why Riley hadn’t been tried since 2020 turned out to be a lie.

The 2020 robbery charge against Riley was dismissed and then re-filed in 2020. According to a spokesperson for Gardner’s office, that occurred because the victim died before a trial could be launched.

However, a judge’s order revealed the victim in question was not only alive, but also present for the respective hearing. It was the prosecutors from Gardner’s office who weren’t prepared to proceed to a trial.

It was proven that Gardner and her team never filed any motion to revoke Riley’s bond, despite the multiple times in which he violated his release terms.

Hopefully, she will be punished properly because it is precisely leftist prosecutors like Gardner who are ruining the public safety and security in multiple communities nationwide.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.