Democratic Politician Uses the “N” Word

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race is scheduled for April 4, which makes it fewer than 14 days away.

Racist Democrat Revealed

Far-left Judge Janet Protasiewicz of the Milwaukee Circuit Court will oppose Daniel Kelly, an ex-Supreme Court Justice, who is also a conservative Republican.

The winner of the contest will make up the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s majority.

Similar to Missouri, six of the eight US House contests in Wisconsin were won by Republicans, but the sitting far-left Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and secretary of state all won a second term.

Some would call that highly suspicious.

The contest on April 4 is expected to be tight and couldn’t be more significant. Now, Janet Protasiewicz, a Democrat, was the subject of a significant scandal.

The n-word was used by Protasiewicz to refer to black people, black children, and black families who were charged with committing crimes, according to a stepson and a liberal close friend who decided to go public.

What a surprise. Another bigoted and hypocritical Democrat acts one way in front of the media and yet another when she’s surrounded by her relatives and liberal friends at home.

In interviews that were recorded with Wisconsin Right Now, two individuals acquainted with Janet Protasiewicz — her ex-stepson and a longstanding, self-described liberal close friend of her ex-husband — revealed that Protasiewicz used racial slurs while working as a lawyer in Children’s Court.

Michael Madden and Jonathan Ehr both admitted to Wisconsin Right Now that they overheard Protasiewicz allude to black people using the racial epithet “N-word.”

This Looks Bad

During her time as an attorney in Milwaukee County Children’s Court, Madden, Protasiewicz’s then-stepson, claimed she frequently utilized the “N-word” when referring to black people individuals who participated in court cases.

This specifically pertains to the families of black children and black people who were charged with crimes.