Democrat Voters at an All-Time High in New York

The voter demographics in the state of New York are very telling.
According to developments from The Daily Caller News Foundation, the state of New York registered a quarter of a million Democrat voters in 2018, while only 10,000 new Republicans were registered.

Reviewing the Voter Disparity in New York

New York’s status as a blue state is very well-known; however, the major gap between the amount of Democrat voters and the amount of Republican voters is astronomical. Mathematically speaking, for every one Republican voter who registered in 2018, there were about 25 Democrats who also registered.
As a whole, New York is experiencing some changes which are impacting the voter demographics; it’s important to note that these changes are in addition to the amount of newly registered voters in 2018. For starters, many older and more financially secure residents of New York are moving to states with lower taxes, such as Florida. Another factor includes young people who are aging into voter eligibility.

Issues in New York

The state of New York is facing many problems which can be tied to the strong influence of Democrats. Rates of homelessness are increasing in the state as people remain unsure of what to do. As previously noted, taxes are also at an all-time high, something which is driving many Americans to leave New York altogether.
Observers have noted that areas which are heavily controlled by Democrats have a tendency not to do so well, particularly in the long run. This realty has already begun to manifest itself in the form of significant poverty rates which New York is shouldered with.
Thus far, there is no indication that the tide in New York will be changing anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it’s very likely that more and more people who can afford to do so will leave the state altogether.
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