Democrat Has a Meltdown After Women’s Sports Gets Protected

Nothing appears to set off the woke than conservative successes, especially when it comes to culture war themes.

Democrat Loses Her Mind

A sensible plan to safeguard girls’ sports was vetoed by liberal Democratic Governor Laura Kelly in March, but the Kansas State Legislature decided to overturn her decision on Tuesday.

The final outcome was 84–40 in favor in the House and 28–12 in favor in the Senate, according to the Kansas Reflector. Each of the chambers barely achieved the two-thirds bar for a veto overturn.

The relevant law, HB 2238, expressly forbids biological men from participating in female sports. Pupils of the male gender are not allowed to participate on athletic teams or in sports that are specifically for ladies, girls, or women.

Children in preschool to college are covered under the law.

The Reflector reported that one far-left Democratic member had a rage and abused her fellow lawmakers after the House voted to safeguard girls. Rep. Susan Ruiz got up on the House floor and branded conservatives as “full of s**t” for endorsing the legislation.

Republicans giggling after the law was passed, she maintained, was what sparked her emotional meltdown. She was especially upset with GOP Rep. Patrick Penn.

He began bragging, which is what she found inappropriate. According to her, for Republicans, this is a matter of winning and losing and they won with this.

She claimed unanticipated repercussions don’t concern Republicans. The congresswoman then declared conservatives don’t give a damn if transgender children are the subject of hate.

Of course, she forgets that women also have rights.

A Victory For Women’s Sports

She claimed Democrats other than Ruiz embarrassed themselves on the House floor. Rep. Heather Meyer deemed it proper House dress to don a “protect trans youth” T-shirt.

Governor Kelly expressed her sadness about men’s loss of the ability to usurp women’s honor in Kansas. She said it kind of makes her heart hurt.