Democrats File Lawsuit Against Georgia’s S.B. 202

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Earlier this week, Georgia passed a new election integrity bill known as S.B. 202.

This legislation was voted on in the Georgia House of Representatives and Georgia Senate prior to GOP Governor Brian Kemp signing it into law. Since Kemp’s stamp of approval on S.B. 202, leftists have screamed from the rooftops that the bill is about voter suppression, Jim Crow, and stopping Georgians who are not white from voting. 

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Sadly, there’s a lot of disinformation circulating about Georgia’s election integrity bill. Here are the facts, though; S.B. 202 mandates photo ID for individuals voting via absentee ballot. The legislation furthermore upholds election consisteny across Georgia counties, allows for weeks of early voting, etc. 

Democrats don’t care about the facts, though; they just don’t want legislation that upholds integrity in elections and bars cheating. This is why several leftist groups have filed lawsuits against Georgia’s S.B. 202, as confirmed by Breitbart News

A Closer Look at the Lawsuit Against S.B. 202

On Thursday, in Atlanta, Democrat groups Black Voters Matter Fund, New Georgia Project, and Rise Inc. argued that S.B. 202 is a voter suppression bill.

This claim is commonly used against any GOP attempts to ensure secure elections; however, the false narratives against S.B. 202 assert that “unjustifiable burdens” are being imposed upon Georgians who are younger, non-white, disabled, or economically disadvantaged. 

Additional charges within the lawsuit get even wilder. The aforementioned Democrat groups moreover allege that S.B. 202 only complicates the process of voting while codifying “unnecessary restrictions” that are likeliest to hurt minority voters.

Many Democrats are also now comparing S.B. 202 to Jim Crow; needless to say, such assertions are demonstrably false. 

A Tale as Old as Time

Democrats consistently and wrongly assert that mandatory photo ID requirements to vote through absentee ballot are racist.

Yet, photo IDs are mandatory to obtain a library card, shoot at a gun range, cash a check, fly on a plane, open up a bank account, etc. The list goes on and on; although, still the left does not believe that secure elections matter. 

Many Republicans have stated that the assertions of minorities being incapable of obtaining photo ID is racist, in and of itself. The soft bigotry of low expectations is a charge that Democrats are consistently guilty of, especially when discussing matters of race. 

What do you think will come of the lawsuit agains the Georgia election bill? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.