Dem Mayor Caught in Sex Scandal, But Calls It ‘Sexist Bull***t’

Democratic Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell has been exposed as having a sex affair with a police officer from her security detail – as per the revelations of the officer’s wife, which the woke politician has dismissed as “sexist bull***t.”

Policeman Sleeping with Mayor, Getting Paid for It

LaToya Cantrell has been the mayor of New Orleans since 2018 after she was reelected in 2021. The first female mayor of the Big Easy is married and has one daughter.

The Democratic politician, however, may not have been content with her family life; she is alleged to have had a sex affair with Jeffrey Vappie, an officer with the New Orleans Police Department who was on her security team. 

Vappie was recently removed from Cantrell’s security detail after an investigation discovered violations in his payments, NOLA reported, as cited by Fox News. 

Thus, the mayor’s alleged lover filed timesheets with excessive hours on days during which he wasn’t even assigned to work or when Cantrell had little work activity. 

However, the alleged sex scandal involving New Orleans’ Democratic mayor was exposed by Vappie’s wife, who filed a divorce petition, apparently due to her husband’s sex affair with Cantrell. 

In the court documents dated January 4, 2023, the policeman’s wife claims he admitted to having an “adulterous affair” with an unnamed woman who, however, was mentioned as “Mrs. L.C.” 

The report pointed out that “multiple” local news outlets, such as WDSU-TV and WVUE-TV, have independently identified the woman from the court documents as LaToya Cantrell, the mayor of Louisiana’s largest city. 

Vappie’s wife reportedly filed for divorce after WVUE ran a report about several cases in which the mayor and the police officer spent many hours together in an apartment in the city. 

The cheated wife claims Cantrell was among the causes of the collapse of her marriage. 

She listed ten dates in August-September 2022 on which L.C. had sex with her husband, Jeffrey Vappie. The policeman’s wife also declared the mayor’s sexual affair with her husband began in May and was still going on. 

‘Bull***t’ and ‘False’ Revelations

The report pointed out that the sex scandal had gotten exposed at a tough time for the New Orleans mayor, who is presently facing a recall election. 

The recall’s organizers have attacked her because of the city’s record-breaking crime, understaffing of the emergency and police departments, corruption, poor infrastructure, and “severe government inefficiencies.” 

However, the recall vote remains uncertain because it still needs to collect more than 20,000 signatures in the next five weeks. The mayor herself has denied the sex affair allegations as “false” in text messages that she sent to a local reporter. 

She said there would be claims she “slept with half of” New Orleans by the time her mayoral tenure would be over.  In a follow-up text, she called the revelations “bull***t” and insisted there would be none if she “were a MAN.” 

In 2018, another female Democratic mayor, then-Mayor of Nashville Megan Barry, resigned over an affair with a policeman and pleaded guilty to misuse of his overtime hours. 

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.