Del Rio Border is Closed! – Hundreds of Thousands on the Way

Border Patrol said on Friday the Del Rio point of entrance has been closed. This comes due to the massive influx of immigrants that have overburdened local personnel. Border checkpoints in the vicinity have also been shut, according to Fox News.

Legitimate Border Crossings are Still Allowed

Regarding the border crossing deals with legitimate travel and trade, border checks on northbound highways are in place.

This is for protection and to prevent undocumented immigrants, gangsters, and illicit goods (such as drugs and firearms) from entering the United States.

The agency reported the Del Rio point of entrance will be momentarily closed. Likewise, travel will be redirected to Eagle Pass, which is 57 miles away. This is to better properly manage resources and maintain the uninterrupted supply of travel and trade.

This emergency shutdown and relocation is required for CBP to react to critical security and safety demands presented by a flow of migrants entering Del Rio, according to the official statement.

It will promote and safeguard national interests, while also ensuring the safety of travelers, freight traffic, along with CBP officers and facilities.

It follows after a rush that saw hundreds of largely Haitian migrants stream into the neighborhood in a couple of days; officials were on the scene informing Fox News that the scenario is out of hand.

On Wednesday, there were around 4,000 people under the overpass. By Wednesday afternoon, the number increased to around 8,200. Then, by Friday, it had risen to over 11,000, with thousands more arriving on a daily basis and reports of vast numbers more on the route.

The border crossings in Del Rio were also closed, according to Brandon Judd, president of the National Immigration Enforcement Council, the labor union that represents border agents.

Roadblocks are in Place

Those roadblocks are designed to intercept persons trying to avoid arrest, according to Judd. He also noted that Del Rio has the highest number of “getaways.”

Getaways are illegals who have eluded law enforcement at the frontier. The CBP was notified months ago the Del Rio crossing was a weak point, according to Judd.

They were advised this highway (in which these folks are trying to cross) would see an increase in traffic. CBP was also told transportation would continue to rise.

Ultimately, they were informed they needed to be ready, that they needed to put functions in position to handle a massive influx of people. Yet, CBP didn’t do this.

On Thursday, a source revealed that border security officials are overburdened and the crisis is out of hand. Federal officials informed Fox on Friday that US Border Agents Chief Raul Ortiz flew to Del Rio to try and calm things down.

On Thursday, Texas politicians expressed their dismay at the deplorable conditions, with GOP Sen. Ted Cruz labeling it a “human made tragedy.” Likewise, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy has urged President Biden to send the National Guard.