Dangerous Allies: China Provides Aid to Russia

On Monday, China retaliated against American accusations that it might be giving Russia non-lethal military support in its conflict with Ukraine. China promptly informed Washington to effectively mind its own business.

China Claims to Support Peace Talks

At a routine news conference, Wang Wenbin, a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, remarked that the United States is not authorized to give commands to China.

He said they will never consent to American criticism of China-Russia relations, let alone intimidation and pressure.

According to Wang, China promotes the idea of having peace talks. He declared that China would proceed to steadfastly support the cause of negotiation and cooperation and contribute a positive share in defusing the situation.

According to four U.S. officials with knowledge of the situation who spoke exclusively to NBC News on Saturday, China may be delivering non-deadly military hardware to Russia to be used in Ukraine. It might even be thinking about giving lethal weapons.

They made no mention of any supporting information that would have justified the charge.

Prior to the one-year commemoration of the Russian attack on Ukraine, President Joe Biden paid a visit to Ukraine on Monday.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken initially claimed on Monday in Ankara, Turkey, that Biden warned Chinese President Xi Jinping from the start that there could be serious repercussions in their own partnership.

That is if China provides potentially fatal help and support to Russia in this belligerence against Ukraine or, in a structured manner, assists in the avoidance of sanctions and restrictions.

Blinken opted not to elaborate on what those effects would be.

Nevertheless, he continued by saying he felt as if China realizes what’s at stake, should it go on providing material assistance of that type to Russia. He went on by adding it might also have an impact on China’s interactions with other countries.

Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a comprehensive joint declaration immediately before Moscow attacked Ukraine in February last year, reaffirming their two nations’ no-limits friendship.

While advocating diplomatic talks, voicing concern for the humanitarian catastrophe, and taking care not to break the sanctions imposed, China has abstained from denouncing Russia’s actions against Ukraine.

China, according to Blinken, is attempting to have things both ways.

Tensions Rise

After the shooting down of an alleged Chinese spy balloon, tensions between the United States and China have been steadily rising.

Blinken informed Wang Yi, a high-ranking Chinese official, that what transpired was a violation of American airspace and there would be very real consequences for China if it was found out they were providing aid to Russia.

Blinken recently revealed while attending the Munich Security Conference, he learned more than 40 other countries also reported Chinese spy balloons in their airspace.