D.C. Law Enforcement on Edge Amid New Threats Against Capitol Hill

"Sunrise At The United States Capitol Bui" (CC BY 2.0) by Anthony Quintano

On January 6, 2021, historic violence rocked the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers were left fearing for their lives; police officers died and a great deal of other damage ensued in the wake of the insurrection earlier this year.

The riots on January 6 arrived after months of political violence in 2020. As the political temperature heats up and as partisan divides worsen, violent outbreaks are continuing to unfold.

“Gallows V” (CC BY 2.0) by Tyler Merbler

The vast majority of Americans can agree that what happened at the Capitol in January 2021 should never happen again. Unfortunately, though, law enforcement officers in Washington D.C. are on edge, amid threats of new violence at Capitol Hill today, Newsmax reports.

A 2.0 of January 6, 2021?

Yesterday, authorities warned that militia organizations have openly talked about carrying out violence on Capitol Hill today. The motivation behind these alleged plans for violence is rooted in a QAnon conspiracy theory that March 4, 2021 is a “true [U.S.] inauguration day.

Police claim that due to the “sensitive nature” of what these militia groups are discussing, specific details are not being shared with the public. However, the United States Capitol Police Department did release a statement.

This statement affirms that Capitol police are well aware of a plot to break into Capitol Hill again; likewise, the Capitol Police Department vows that they’re prepared for any possible attacks and have already implemented significant upgrades in security.

A Fortress at the U.S. Capitol

Capitol police officers mean business and aren’t joking around; hence, the increased security measures include stronger physical barriers, more manpower in D.C., and additional means of protecting the Capitol, lawmakers, civilians, etc.

News of potential attacks against the Capitol today is already spreading on social media. Many Americans are furthermore criticizing those who believe that today is when former President Trump will resume a White House term.

Concerns about possible violence at the Capitol today have already drummed up fresh conversations about QAnon. Believers in the conspiracy theory also made headlines after the January 2021 insurrection; law enforcement has subsequently arrested hundreds of individuals involved in the riots.

With many QAnon rioters facing prison time over the events of January 6, some attempted to blame Trump as a means of a legal defense. Despite the beefed-up security in Washington D.C., today will undoubtedly be tense in the nation’s capital.

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