Cuomo Will Survive This, Just Like Clinton Did

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has issued a video answer disputing sexual harassment allegations from 11 women detailed in a state attorney general’s investigation. Since this, Cuomo has been laying low while the political and public elites, notably President Joe Biden, have called for his departure.

He Plans to Sit it Out

Cuomo has resisted calls to resign over this issue; he’s almost resisted resignation calls over his suspected cover-up of care home coronavirus fatalities. For months, he’s been sitting out media headlines while saying he did absolutely nothing wrong — a method utilized by many others before him.

President Bill Clinton was yet another liberal who refused to back down in the midst of sexual assault charges. Clinton denied misconduct after Paula Jones made charges of sexual misconduct, only to subsequently settle a case for $850,000 while still in office. Clinton also escaped even more serious claims, like Juanita Broaddrick’s rape allegation and Kathleen Willey’s accusation that he grabbed her.

Then, there came the indictment, which had an adulterous romance with a college intern at its heart. Clinton previously denied his contact with Monica Lewinsky, then openly admitted it whilst in office. Yet, he weathered the storm, being cleared by the Senate and remaining in office for two years until his second term expired.

Cuomo and former President Bill Clinton have a lot in common, according to Fox News commentator Marc Thiessen.  Thiessen claims the governor is utilizing the “Clinton blueprint” to deal with his current problems.

Cuomo has learned from Bill Clinton how you can withstand everything if you are unscrupulous, unapologetic and refuse to quit, Thiessen said.

It is not difficult to locate examples of scandal-plagued authorities who refused to resign and instead waited out the controversies. Previous President Trump was the subject of a multi-year investigation into possible ties between his campaign and Russia, as well as two impeachment proceedings.

He was also accused of having adulterous affairs, as well as a rape charge from E. Jean Carroll and a sexual assault charge by Summer Zervos.

Ralph Northam, was the governor of Virginia upwards of two years when a picture from his medical school paper page portrayed somebody in blackface and the other in a KKK hood. It is a perfect example of a recent incident where a member was embroiled in a scandal but decided to wait until the public’s attention dwindled.

Northam denied being inside the photo, despite initially admitting to being in it and apologizing for it. Northam, like Cuomo now, was pressured by senior liberals, including Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., to quit, but he declined.

He is Just Following the Example By Those Set Before Him

The parallels between both the Northam & Cuomo scenarios prompted Larry Sabato, head of the University of Virginia Center of Politics, to write in March that Cuomo is pulling a Northam.

Northam rejected calls to resign and moved on to restore his reputation inside the Democrat Party; he did this in particular by pushing leftist ideas on subjects like gun control, racial equality, and cannabis.

Mark Sanford, a Republican, is yet another figure who has remained in office despite a scandal – in this case, a very strange one. When Sanford vanished in 2009, he was the governor of South Carolina.

Sandford returned six days later with a confession about how he had run off to Argentina while having an adulterous affair, despite his office’s claims that he was walking the Appalachians.