Crisis After Crisis – How Can Anyone Still Support Him?

The harrowing photographs emerging from Afghanistan really do seem to have an immediate political effect. After a week of chaos, Biden has faced a bombardment of cross-party condemnation for his management of the hurriedly arranged evacuation attempts.

Now, US troops are scrambling to save as many Americans and affiliated civilians, following the lightning-fast invasion of the capital city of Kabul. Conservatives and some liberals criticized the president for discounting the Taliban, while exaggerating the power of the now-defunct US-backed Afghan military leadership.

As per two new national surveys issued on Tuesday, the administration’s approval rating is plummeting, amid the Kabul situation.

According to a recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll, Biden has 41 percent support and 55 percent dissatisfaction. That’s a significant decrease for a leader that, until a week and a half earlier, had a favorability rating in the low and mid-50s.

While liberals support the president, with 87 percent giving him a nod for the work he is accomplishing, the administration’s approval among independent voters is only 32 percent.

In a critical general election swing state, it’s a similar situation

As per a University of New Hampshire poll issued on Tuesday, Biden’s approval rating has slipped from 50 percent approval to 49 percent rejection (in the last month) to 44 percent to 54 percent today.

Afghanistan seems to be a significant issue, as Biden’s approval rating on international relations dropped significantly this month. Americans are concerned about more than Afghanistan, though.

An NBC News poll issued on Sunday found that the president’s support rating on combatting the COVID epidemic has declined from 69 percent in April to 53 percent earlier this month.

This comes amid growing inflation and a jump in COVID cases attributable to the highly contagious delta strain. Biden’s approval rating for handling the economy was 47 percent-49 percent, down from 52 percent-43 percent in April.

President Biden’s favorability rating has plummeted as a result of his underperformance in Afghanistan, according to Suffolk Economic Research Institute director David Paleologos.

His poll numbers on immigration and the economy are both skewed. The only thing keeping him in the ballgame is how he’s managing the COVID-19 outbreak, where he’s only at 50%.

Everything Points Towards the Midterms

The administration’s favorability rating is the most closely watched gauge of his or her reputation and political support; it’s a critical gauge for an administration’s party performance going into a midterm vote.

Liberals were already facing tough political challenges moving into the 2022 midterm elections, where they are protecting razor-thin control both in the House of Representatives as well as the Senate.

Typically, the party which takes the White House in a national race – in this case, the Liberals – loses over 25 Seats in the House during the next midterm election.

Furthermore, because Republicans control greater state legislatures and governorships, the once-in-a-decade redistricting process procedure, which is ongoing, is projected to favor the GOP.