Crazy Leftist Lecturer Chases Post Reporters With a Machete

The NYPD is looking into the case of the disturbed New York City art lecturer. This lecturer put a machete to a Post reporter’s throat when he arrived at her house early on Tuesday.

Pro-Abortion Activist Loses It

As reported by law enforcement officials, Shellyne Rodriguez may be charged with assault and various other offenses over the terrifying confrontation. This started within her Bronx apartment complex before she pursued two Post employees down the street.

Inquiries regard an online clip from a few weeks ago.

Rodriguez flipped out on pro-life students in an expletive-filled rant at Hunter College, where she was working as an adjunct. This was made clear when New York Post reporter Reuven Fenton and a photographer approached Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, 45, made threats to “chop” Fenton when he announced himself as a journalist. Then, she ripped open the front door and raised the machete’s edge to his neck region, as shown on camera.

She shouted again and again that he should get away from her door, before slamming it in his face. Dashcam video reveals Rodriguez chased the Post employees into the road after they instantly fled while still carrying the blade.

Rodriguez shouted a few threats at the men, mainly warning them that if she ever saw them on her block again, she would harm them. As she chased them, she continued to yell at them to get off the block repeatedly.

She also gave the journalist a kick to his shins as he attempted to enter his vehicle. Rodriguez was dismissed from Hunter College shortly after the horrifying occurrence, the Manhattan institution revealed.

Rodriguez Fired

According to Hunter College spokesperson Vince Dimiceli, Rodriguez was dismissed from her responsibilities at the institution starting right away. She is not going to instruct students at the institution in the future.