COVID-19 Vaccine May Arrive in October

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

As America begins to get back to normal, conversations about the coronavirus vaccine continue to arise.
Prospective timeframes for the vaccination’s arrival include 2021, a few days prior to the election, and even weeks before November 3. The goalposts have repeatedly moved on when Americans can expect an available vaccine, hence many reservations and concerns.

Yesterday, the nation learned that the COVID-19 vaccine may become available as early as October, according to Breitbart News. This new development arises amid many Americans’ distrust of a rushed, “warp speed” vaccine.

What to Know About the Possible October Arrival

Trump shared the news with the country on Friday during a White House press conference. According to the president, there is a possibility of the COVID-19 vaccine arriving to market before November. At this time, there is no specific date set in stone, however, the news about a possible October arrival has the nation chiming in with reactions.
In further detail, the president talked about “Operation Warp Speed.” Under this program, vaccine developers currently have three different shots that are in the works. Trump explained that when the coronavirus vaccine finally does come to market, Americans will be blown away with “shockingly good” results.

Who Will Get the Vaccine?

Virginia is the first and only state to announce plans to mandate the COVID-19 vaccination. The arrival of this news came last month and prompted strong backlash from Americans who oppose forced vaccines.
Thus far, various surveys indicate that notable minorities of Americans do not plan to immediately accept the coronavirus vaccine. Folks on both sides of the aisle have also articulated concerns about bringing a vaccination to market before it’s ready. Others expressed an interest in waiting to see how various individuals react to the vaccination beforehand.
Months ago, President Trump stated that the coronavirus vaccine would not be mandatory. The president noted that all Americans would not want to get it; likewise, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the coronavirus task force has remarked that he doesn’t see the government mandating the vaccine for the general public.
In the end, time will tell whether or not the coronavirus vaccine becomes available to Americans before November. The nation should prepare for varied reactions when the vaccine does come to market. Whether or not certain local or state governments push to mnadate the vaccine will also impact different, forthcoming reactions.
What do you think about a coronavirus vaccine becoming available as early as October? Would you be willing to accept the vaccination? Fill us in with your thoughts down below in the comments section.