Countries All Over the World Join Hands in Criticizing China for Cyber Hacking

Australia and New Zealand have joined forces with the United States in blaming China’s Department of State Security for hostile cyber activities; these nations say they are very troubled by China’s use of illegally contracted hackers to support state-run attacks against countries around the globe.

Both of the Australian and New Zealand authorities released press releases late Monday. They criticized the communist dictatorship for exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange technology that compromised many machines and system functionality all over the world, as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand Join Forces

In a joint declaration, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne, Home Secretary Minister Karen Andrews, and Minister of Defense Peter Dutton said that these motives have diminished global safety and stability; this is by opening the front door to a spectrum of other actors, such as computer hackers, who seek to attack this weakness for criminal activities.

Australia also urged China to honor its G20 pledges and abstain from using hacker copyright infringement, intellectual property, and private company data to obtain a competitive edge on a global scale.

Andrew Little, the secretary in charge of the Government Network Management Bureau in New Zealand, reiterated the feelings. He says we put an end to this sort of suspicious activity, which undercuts worldwide safety and security, thereby encouraging China to act accordingly in regards to such behavior emitting from its territory.

Little stated that the GCSB had conducted a thorough technical identification procedure on this matter; the GCSB then independently determined that Chinese government hackers were guilty of exploiting Microsoft Exchange weaknesses in New Zealand in January 2021.

Both nations also denounced the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Department of Security Service (MSS) for participating in hostile cyber activities and hiring contracted cybercriminals who stole copyrights using cyber technology for their own use and commercial purposes for the Chinese regime.

Most Major Nations Agree

The European Union, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and NATO have all expressed worry, joining the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The two nations’ statements follow the Biden administration’s condemnation of China’s government’s destructive cyber operation. This operation has seen MS’s attackers engage in malware assaults, internet blackmail, crypto-jacking, and rank stealing from individuals all over the world for monetary benefit.

The White House noted in a press release on July 19 that the US has long been worried about Beijing’s reckless and disruptive behavior in cyberspace.

Likewise, the US has accused four Chinese citizens of participating in a global cyber operation that attacked foreign companies and governments in important areas. These areas include marine, aerospace, defense, academia, and health while cooperating with China’s top intelligence organization.

According to the Biden government, they also attempted to steal studies on the Ebola virus vaccine, commercial secrets, and confidential information on crucial health-related data.