Could Ukraine’s Success Trigger Nuclear War?

A Biden top executive told congressional members that Ukraine seems to have the military strength to reclaim Crimea.

However, two U.S. officials with knowledge of the situation are worried whatever large-scale counterattack that jeopardizes Russia’s possession of the peninsula could prompt Vladimir Putin to use nuclear weapons.

Ukraine Capable of Reclaiming Crimea

Some congressional members were briefed in late November on the rationale as to why Ukraine will require U.S. weapons and supplies for the conceivable future.

When questioned during the session about ongoing backing for the Ukrainian military and whether the country would attempt to reclaim Crimea, a Biden aide reportedly answered that Ukraine now had the capability to do so.

In answer to a question regarding the answer, a U.S. official stated that Ukraine seems to have no near-term plans to recapture Crimea. They said a ground assault is not forthcoming, but Ukraine has demonstrated tenacity and endurance all through the conflict.

According to administration sources, three previous lethal drone attacks against Russian military installations were typically brought out by Ukrainians, even though it remains unclear if the Zelenskyy government actually authorized them.

Washington and other states have supplied Ukraine with more potent weaponry, like HIMARS artillery, which has caused significant damage to Russian soldiers.

Since the February incursion, U.S. and Western assessments of Ukraine’s military services have shifted. Prior to the attack, U.S. and European authorities feared Russian tanks and soldiers would destroy their opponents within days or weeks.

According to senior U.S. military leaders and Western governments, Ukraine has demonstrated resourcefulness and tenacity in combating a larger, better-equipped military. It has swiftly integrated new weaponry systems supplied by NATO allies.

The Ukrainians’ performance on the battlefield continues to astound the globe, according to a U.S. official.

The evident optimism of the Biden executive in Ukraine’s capabilities occurs at a time when the administration is debating whether to award Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government’s desperate pleas for more effective weapons.

These weapons include ATACMS ballistic missiles and tanks. Ukraine claims Russia is getting ready to send 200,000 additional troops to strike Kyiv. A National Security Council representative refused to respond.

According to authorities and experts, there is no impending Ukrainian operation in Crimea, primarily because present fighting does not allow it.

Stand Off Between Russia and Ukraine

East of Bakhmut, Ukraine is failing and has lost considerable territory.

There is a virtual stalemate between the opposing sides. U.S. authorities believe, based on the current location of Ukrainian forces and frontlines, the Ukrainian military will proceed northeast in the next months, instead of south to Crimea.

For Ukraine to launch a serious offensive to recapture Crimea, according to a U.S. official, much would have to occur logistically first.

U.S. officials are afraid Putin might feel cornered if Ukraine begins an assault in Crimea, which Russia has occupied since 2014.